A Solo Effort
Lance Naik Ekka

The mission of the 14 Guards , Positioned on the eastern front during the 1971 war was to capture the Pakistani Held position at Gangasagar , a vital point for the capture of Akhaura further on. Lance Naik Ekka Accompanied his battalion into the attack .As they neared the position , They encountered strong machine-gun fire.Seeing his comrades being mowed down by the bullets, Ekka charged at the enemy bunkers.He killed the two soldiers manning the gun with his bayonet but was seriously injured in the process.

The battalion moved ahead , but was again surprised by machine gun fire comming from the second floor of a building . Ekka crawled forward , and huried a grenade but the firing continud relentiessly . Ekka scaled the sidewalls of the building and attacked the men manning the gun , killing them with his bayonet. The guards now marched ahead to attack Akhaura but Lance Naik Ekka succumbed to his injuries For his act of courage and valour , he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra Posthumously.