The road To Dhaka
Lt.Col Pannu

During the war of 1971, the 2 Para battalion commanded by Lt. Col. Kulwant Singh Pannu was airdropped near Tangail in former east Pakistan .They had to prevent an enemy build-up in the area and to secure the bridge at Poongli , to cut off enemy withdrawal routes. The airdrop left his troops widely scattered but the Lt.Col. Gathered his men around him and commenced the attack on Poongli . The operation was well planned and directed , and the bridge was captured . Enemy attempts to recapture the position were repulsed.

On 15th December the battalion marched ahead to secure the Mirpur bridgem . The onslaught on the bridge commenced that night, and though the position was strongly defended , the battalion slowly gained the upper hand. Finally, Mirpur fell and the battalion advanced into Dhaka, the first Indian battalion to do so.

Lt.Col.Pannu was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his exceptional leadership.