An Inspiration To His Men
Major Hoshiar Singh

Deployed on India's western front in December 1965, the 3 Grenadiers led the advance into Shakargarh. Their task was to establish a bridgehead on the Basantar river. Commandeered by Major Hoshiar Singh, the Grenadiers attacked Jarpal, an enemy stronghold across the river. The Grenadiers came under intense artillery fire but the enemy was finally dislodged from jarpal after a fierce hand to hand struggle.

The Pakistani retaliated with a strong armored attack. As the battle raged , Major Singh moved among his men , within the trenches, putting his life into risk.In second enemy Attack that followed the next day, Major singh was wounded as he moved in the trenches. When his crew manning the machine-gun fire, Major Singh took over the gun and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy.

Though In deep pain, Major Singh refused to be evacuated and held on till the cease-fire was declared. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra for his gallantry