A story of three battles
Brigadier Harold Michigan

In 1971,the 41 mountain Bridge, commanded by Brigadier Harold Michigan was assigned the task of capturing Uthali & Darsana, well-defended Pakistani positions in Jessore district.As it moved towards Uthali, the brigade came under heavy fire & was encircled by enemy tanks. Brigadier Michigan, making a quick assessment of the situation reorganized his troops & led his men so well that they were able to break through the cordon of tanks & capture Uthali.

Darsana proved a tougher nut to crack as the brigade had to move cautiously through a heavily mined area but the brigadier led his men ably & courageously& overcame the enemy's defences.

Jhenida was the next to fall. The unit marched 50 km in a mere 48 hours & took the enemy by surprise. Brigadier Miched was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for his gallant leadership in the three battles.