Wing Commander Vidya Bhushan Vashist

Wing Commander Vidya Bhushan Vashist led a squadran of 12 aircrafts in several air attacks on pakistani bases during the 1971 war. The attacks began on 3rd December , and continued the next day. The wing commander led his men in a mission to destroy a well defended Pakistani fuel and ammunition depot in charge manga forest .His adroit maneuvers rendered the enemy antiaircraft guns ineffective and the suffered irreparable damage.

The next day ,he led his squadran in an attack on haji pir pass in Pakistan held Kashmir . The pass stood amidst high hills The Wing Commander guided his squadron skillfully .They flew at very low attitudes ,in and out of the crags. Vashists skill and courage ensured that the operation was a success.

He successfully led more air raids deep in to enemy territory braving heavy enemy ground fire .Not a single indian bomber was lost in these operations.

His exceptional skills and leadership won him the Mahavir ChakraIn 1971.