Lt.Col. Bhavani Singh


The 10 Para Battalion that Lt.Col. Bhavani Singh commanded during the 1971 war, was specially trained to fight behind enemy lines. On 5th December, Lt.Col Singh was asked to lead his men in a raid on the Pakistani depot and Virawah in the western sector.

For four days ,Singh led his commandos across very difficult terrain, dodging enemy fire all the while. His men penetrated 120 km. Deep into Pakistani-held territory and Chachro and Virawah were soon secured .His covert movements confused the enemy and threw them off the track. They were unable to put up any resistance and were soon in retreat from their bases in Rajasthan. Throughout the operations, Lt.Col. Singh, the son of the former maharaja of Jaipur, displayed an utter disregard for his personal safety. He was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra for his bravery and skilful leadership of his battalion.