A Real Life Hero
Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri

The Hindi film Border, which was the box office hit of 1997, recounted the real life exploits of Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, who with his small band of men of the Punjab Regiment held fast to the Indian base at Longewal, Rajasthan, despite several Pakistani attacks to disiodge them.

On 5th December, two companies of the Pakistani army well supported by tanks, attacked Longewal. As they neared, the Punjab regiment retaliated with mortar fire. They were assisted by the Indian Hunter aircraft which launched a simultaneous air attack, severely damaging four enemy tanks.

But a second attack soon commenced. The Punjab Regiment put up a fierce fight , resisting the enemy onslaught through the night. At dawn , the IAF renewed their air attacks, effectively neutralizing the enemy tanks. All through the operations, the Major kept up his men's moral, moving from bunker to bunker, urging them to hold on and fight back. His dynamic leadership and gallantry won Major Kuldip Singh the Mahavir Chakra.