Wing Commander Ramesh Sakhram Benegal

Wing Commander Ramesh Sakhram Benegal fought as part of Subash Chandra bose's Indian National Army in Burma and was arrested by the British in 1946. After his return to India in 1952, he joined the Indian Air force and distinguished himself in several campaigns.

In the 1971 Indo-Pak war, Wing Commander Benegal commanded a squadron of the IAF, that was developed to carry out several reconnaissance missions into Pakistan, to secure vital information on defence installations and troop movements. The Wing Commander flew alone on numerous occasions, unescorted and unarmed, over heavily defended enemy territory. The information he secured in his 19 flying mission was of immense help to the Indian Air Force in planning retaliatory measures to foil Pakistani plans. Movements of Pakistani troops were crippled as the Indian war machinery was well in place to thwart any advance.

For his fearlessness and dedication, Wing Commander Benegal was awarded the Mahavir Chakra.