Captain Pradip Kumar Gour

Captain Pradip Kumar Gour was an air operations pilot in the Artillery Bridge deployed in Sakhargarh in the western sector in December 1971. During this time, he had several missions into Pakistani territory, locating the striking enemy targets, braving a continual barrage of artillery fire.

On 11th December, he noticed a convey of 12 Pakistani tanks, stealthily creeping on to Malidpur, seeking to encircle Indians positions there. He cautioned the Indian troops, and then skillfully manoeurved his small plane, evading all enemy attempts to shoot him down. His accurately directed artillery fire knocked out eight of the enemy tanks and badly damaged two others.

Three days later, the enemy planned a major infiltration into Shakargarh. For over three hours, Caption Gour successfully hit targets deep inside enemy territory, without being detected. But soon he was spotted and shot at by Sabre Jets. Though outnumbered and overpowered, he fought to the very end till the enemy jets encircled his plane and shot from all sides. The brave caption went down with his plane.

For his daring and amazing courage, Caption Gour was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra