The Last Charge
Second Lieutenant Shamsher Singh Samra

Second Lt. Samsher Singh Samra and the 8 Guards were deployed to capture Hilly Complex in the east, during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. The mountainous complex was well defendedby the Pakistanis, who had constructed concrete shelters by borrowing through the hills.

Rifleman Gurung and a company of the Gurkha Rifles were ordered to advance and capture Uthali, a strongly defended Pakistani position. Halfway towards its objective, the company came under heavy Pakistani fire from a machine gun and could not proceed.

Several pitched battles were fought by the Indians in this region. It wa by his heroism in one such battle that second Lt. Samra covered himself with glory. The advance of the Guards had been stalled by accurate enemy firing. 2nd Lt. Samra intervened in this juncture and escorted his men to advance along the left flank. Even as the enemy kept up its firing, 2nd Lt. Samra moved to within 25 meters of the enemy position. Just then a bullet from a machine gun stuck him and he was wounded. Ignoring the pain he charged at the machine gun bunker and destroyed it by hurling an accurately aimed grenade at it. He then charged towards another bunker, but it was hit a second time , this time fatally. He fell to the ground, the grenade still in his hand.

For his awe-inspiring bravery, 2nd Lt. Samra was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra.