Dr. Abraham Verghese

Introduction :
He is a product of 3 continent and cultures. Born in Ethopia in 1955 to immigrants from India, Abraham attended medical school in Ethiopia and Chennai before migrating to US.

Career :
Abraham is inspired to become a doctor when he was 12.And now he is not only medical practitioner and professor but also acclaimed author.

milestones :
His first book ,My Own Country:A Doctor's Story became a bestseller in the US. Times magazine named it one of the best books in 1994.Later on the book was made into a movie by Mitra Nair. His second book was The Tennis Partner which deals with the sensitive subject of high amount of incidence of suicide and substance addiction among the doctors in US.

Review of life :
Abraham himself an avid tennis enthusiast but has kept away himself from the court because of his creaky knees. These days he is engaged with another new passion, his newborn son, Tristan. He has two sons Jacob and Steven from his previous marriage.


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