Introduction :
The whole world has been a stage for violin virtuoso,Dr.L.Subramaniam The Bolshoi Theatre,the Lincoln centre,the Royal Albert Hall,the Champs Elysses Theatre-he has been there all,enthralling music loverswith his unique blend of the best of the east and the west.

Career :
Subramaniamwho began playing professionally as a six-year-old,gave up his medical practice to devote all his attention to music.he left for the US where he took his masters in western music at the california Institute of Arts.

Review of life :
With A supportive partner in his wife Viji,a singer herself,he set about populerising Carnatic music in west.In 1996 Viji died,leaving him to "Trudge alone my music and my childrenclaiming all of my being". Last year he married playback singer Kavita Krishnamurthy.

Milestone :
A month ago a couple had organised the Global Fusion Music Concert in Delhi.Surely the foundation of a hamonious partnership has been set.

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