Birla Sports Award

Badminton champion Gopi Chand ,Weightlifter Kunjrani and Mountaineer Santosh Yadav were selected for 1996 K.K.Birla Foundaton Awards for sports for their outstanding contribution in the national and international fields while cricket captain Sachin Tendulkar and veteran handicapped athletes Ms Malathi K.Holla were the recipients of 1995 awards. Olympian woman athlete Shiny Wilson was nominated for a a special award.

The past award winners are Kapil Dev,Ms Bhuvaneshwari Kumari, Geet Sethi,Prasad ,Ms Karnam Malleshwari and Jaspal Rana.

Instituted by the K.K.Birla Foundation in 1991 to accord recognition to outstanding performances by sportspersons, the awards carry a prize of Rs 75,000 each.

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