CSIR Technology Award

The CSIR technology awards 1999 were presented to five laboratories at the fifth Foundation Day of the CSIR in new Delhi on September 26,1999.

The carbon group of National Physical Laboratory(NPL)bagged the award for the development of advanced carbon products having industrial, strategic and socail importance. In the engineering technology, two teams- from the Central Road Research Istitute(CRRI),Delhi and the Structural Engineering Reseach Centre(SERC),Chennai jointly won the award.(The CRRI has developed innovative ways to utilise fly-ash for the road and embankment construction while the SERC was awarded for the development of advanced computational methodologies and modelling techniques, which are recognised nationally and internationally).

The award for the biology sciences and technolgy was bagged by a team from Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant,Lucknow for the development of an early maturing variety of mint.In the chemical Technology, a team of reserachers from Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun and Engineerr India L.t.d., Delhi was awarded for developing propane deasphalting of petroleum residues which is being used by several refineries.

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