• Prithvi:
    India's first indeginiously built missile, Prithvi, is a tactical surface -to-surface missile(TSSM)Prithvi was inducted in the Indian army on May 21 1993 
  • Trishul :
    Trishul is a short-range low level quick reaction surface-to-air missile(SAM). It has a range of 5 meters to 9 Km. It was successfully test launched in 1988.
  • Agni:
    Agni is an intermediate range ballistic surface-to-surface missile with range capability up to 2500 km. India became the 5th country in the world to have acquired this type of missile after USA, Russia, France and China.
  • Akash:
    Akash is the most modern multi target surface-to-air missile designed to defend large installations like oil fields against enemy attacks.
  • Nag :
    Nag is an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)of the fire and forget type having a range and capabilityof 4 km.


  • Dec 19 1945 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , Mumbai is inaugurated
  • Aug 10 1948, The Atomic Energy Commission is constituted.
  • Aug 4 1956; APSARA- The first research reactor in Asia attains criticallity at Trombay, Trombay
  • Jan 30 1959 : Uranium Metal Plant at Trombay produce Uranium.
  • Jan 22 1965 ;Plutonium Plant inaugurated
  • Apr. 11 1967; Electronics Corporation of India limited is setup at Hyderabad for producing electronic systems, instruments and components
  • May 18 1974 Peaceful underground Nuclear Experiment is conducted at Pokhran, Rajasthan
  • Nov 15 1983 Atomic Energy regulatory board is constituted
  • Aug 1985 Fifth Research Reactor DHRUVA (100MVt) attains criticallity
  • June 10 1996 India Ranks 11th among nuclear power station operating countries worl wide
  • March 28 1998 India develops a new version of Super Computer Param 1000, Asia's largest super computer capable of performing 1000 billion calculations per second.
  • May 11 1998 India goes nuclear and lays claim to join P-5 group as Nuclear Power


  • INSAT 2 C the heaviest and the first exclusive third indeginious satelite was launched by the Ariane rocket from Kouru island in France.
  • 1997 INSAT 2-D was launched
  • 1998 ISRO sucessfully launched carrying a set of instruments from Germany to study the upper atmosphere
  • Triple Satelite launch takes India Forward May 1999
  • ISRO plans to launch Insat 3B in second quarter of 1999 from Airline Space Station


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