Viswanathan Anand

On 26th December Viswanathan Anand fulfilled a childhood ambition. He beat Alexei Shirov three times in a row to win the world title by a wide 3.5 - 0.5 margin. Shirov resigned 
on the 41st move.

Anand opens a new chapter in the world history. He is the 
first Asian to win the world title. He is the 16th world 
champion. FIDE officials repeat that he is the 15th 
champion, excluding Kramnik.   


1969 On 11th December, Anand was born in Chennai.
1975 Mother Sushila introduced him to the game at the age of six.
1983 Wins National Sub-junior (under 15) championship. 
1984 Ties for second place in world Sub-junior championship. Wins National junior (under 19) and Asian junior titles.
1986 Wins National senior title at 17, the youngest to do so.
1987 First Asian to win World junior championship beating Vasily Ivanchuk. At 18, becomes India's first grandmaster.
1991 Reaches quarter final of the FIDE World championships.
1992 Leads Indian team at Chess Olympiad at Manila. Wins the Linares and the Alekhine Memorial.
1994 Wins the PCA Grand Prix in Moscow ahead of Garry Kasparov.
1995 Loses to Kasparov in the PCA World Chess Championships.
1996 Beats Kasparov in the Credit Suisse Rapid Tournament.
1997 Conferred the prestigious Chess Oscar in a poll by chess journalists from 55 centuries.
1998 Loses in FIDE World Chess Championship final at Lausanne to Russian Anatoly Kaprov.
2000 Wins the World Chess Championship beating Alexei Shirov and inches close to an ELO rating of 2800.

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