Gurinder Chadha

Introduction :
Gurinder a Punjabi who went to England from Kenya tells quirky stories about marginalised people.

Career :
She began her career as BBc reporter, directed several award winning documentries for BBC, Channel4 and the British Film Institute.Even in her films, she displays documentarian's eye for detail.

Milestone :
Chadha has written a story with her husband Paul Mayeda Burges,weaves together the lives of four families in Los Angeles, African, American, Latin Vietnameseand Jewish throush the themes of separation and conflicts between generations.She scans the whole spactrum of class,race,religion,ethnicity and sexuality. She came to Los Angeles in 1994 to promote her first feature film Bhaji on the Beach, winner of several International awards.

Review of life :
She spend time in London and Los Angeles, the city which inspired What's Coocking? with its multicultural ambience.

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