Hemant Sagar

Introduction :
Sagar,the best known Indian in the global hautecouture circles,was born to a German mother and a Punjabi father in Delhi.After completing his education he moved to Paris in early 80s,where he joined hands with LeCoanet.

Career :
When Hemant Sagar arrived to show off his collection at the world famous La Semaine de la Haute Couture in Paris,he chose to dazzle viewers with a touch of India. Large hanging earrings,dresses made of seashells and the typical Orissa embroidery were the highlights of 30-odd garments that were displayed at the 33rd exposition of the LeCoanet-Hemant brand.

Milestone :
After being in his career Sagar and his brand are firmly entrenched in the world of fashion.He is right at the top among the top 15 labels in the world.

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