Home Guards and Civil Defence
Medal for Meritorious Service

Awarded to members of the home guards, civil defence, and mobile civil emergency force for meritorious service. Subsequent acts of similar service may be recognized by the addition of a bar to the medal ribbon. It is unclear whether posthumous awards are possible.

Established: 7 October 1974 (with effect from 15 August 1974), by the President of India.

Obverse: A circular 35-mm bronze medal, with the state emblem and motto. Surrounding, the Hindi legend "Grikraksha wa Nagarik Suraksha Padak" or "Home Guards and Civil Defense Medal" and "HOME GUARDS AND CIVIL DEFENCE MEDAL". The medal is suspended from a ring and named on the edge.

Reverse: In the center, the Home Guards emblem, surrounded by the legend in Hindi "Sarahariy Seva" or "Distinguished Service" and "MERITORIOUS SERVICE". (Note the selective translation differences here.)

Ribbon: 32 mm, five stripes, three 8 mm white and two 4 mm black, the central white stripe has a thin (1 mm) black stripe down the center. The same ribbon seems to be used both for the gallantry and distinguished service medals?