Independence Medal

Awarded to all members of the Indian police forces who were serving on 26 January 1950, the date of the proclamation of India's status as a republic (and, in effect, of full independence, as India had been a dominion since 15 August 1947).

In most cases, these medals have not been officially manufactured and issued, but were, instead, made locally by independent manufacturers and the policemen can either buy them from these shops or the battalions buy it and give it to the qualifying constables. This gives rise to great variability in manufacture and even in design details.


Obverse: A circular 36-mm copper-nickel medal with the national emblem in the center surrounded by the legend "INDEPENDENCE MEDAL / 26th JANUARY 1950". Suspended by a non-swiveling straight-bar suspender. The medal is normally not named.

Reverse: Within a lotus wreath, the chakra and, below, the legend "POLICE".

Ribbon: 32 mm, red with a 9 mm orange central stripe; a 2 mm dark blue stripe separates the red and orange on each side. Red 8.5 mm, dark blue 2 mm, orange 9 mm, dark blue 3 mm, red 8.5 mm.