Indian Independence Medal

Awarded to all members of the Indian armed forces (including those rulers and State Forces of those "Princely" States that had acceded to India before 1 January 1948) who were serving on 15 August 1947. It was also awarded to British service personnel who remained in India after Independence to assist in the reformulation of the armed forces of India after Partition and who were still serving on 1 January 1948.

Established: By King George VI, October 1949.

Obverse: Circular 36-mm copper-nickel medal, Ashoka's chakra, crowned (for the last time) with the surrounding legend: "GEORGIUS : VI D : G : BRITT : OMN : RED : FID : DEF" (apparently the first usage of the new royal titles, omitting any reference to Emperor of India). Suspended by a straight non-swiveling bar. The medal is normally named on the edge.

Reverse: The national emblem, without motto, and the legend "INDIAN INDEPENDENCE / 15TH AUGUST 1947".

Ribbon: 30 mm, three equal orange, white, green stripes. Orange 10 mm, white 10 mm, green 10 mm.