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Nobel Laurets of India

Dr. Hagrobind Khorana

Dr. Hargobind was born in 1922 in West Punjab, now in Pakistan.Dr. Hargobind Khorana was responsible for producing the first man-made gene in his laboratory in the early seventies. It was a Historic invention. Khoranan had shared the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine with M.W.Nirenberg and R.W.Holley. They all independently made contributions to the understanding of the genetic code and how it works in the cell.

His great work has opened a a whole new branch of Science called as the Genetic Engineering. It makes it possible to create new forms of life by altering the genes in DNA. Plant and animal Breeders can now produce organisms with almost any mix of characteristics. In 1997, a team of Scottish Scientists produced the first live, healthy sheep clone, named Dolly. It is now possible to cure Genetic Diseases either by repairing the Defective gene or introducing normal functioning genes. This has led to novel diseases, as well as for cancer and AIDS.