Dr.Gurudev K.Khush

Introduction :
His earliest memories are wrapped in the fields of Rurkee,a village in Jalandhar,Punjab.Carving out small patches of land and irrigating them with water from small pit,the boy had scant idea then that it was the beginning of the life long commitment to agriculture.

Career :
After his graduation from Punjab Agricultural college Khush travelled to England on borrowed money,worked for a year for a canning factory and obtain admissionat a University in US.Then he received an offer for research assistantship from University of California.

Milestone :
Today Dr.Khush,principal plant breeder and head of the Plant Breeding,Genetics and Biochemistry division at the International Research Institute(IRRI)in the Philippines,has 32 years of rice research behind him.More than 300 verities of rice he have developed. The world shows appreciationthrough a series of awards, including the 1996 World Food Prize,The 1998 Rank Prize and the 2000 Wolf Prize.



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