Famous Writers : Alexis  Leon 

He survives a crippling accident and becomes an internationally acclaimed author of computer books. Everything about Alexis is prim, right from his table-top to the way he speaks. His portly figure fits neatly into the wheelchair which he manoeuvres with elan. Practice, you would say, but Alexis, takes it further. "The wheelchair has become a part of my body," he say, showing how to jump small hurdles with it.s

It has been seven years since a crippling accident wiped out colours from his life; seven years since the wheelchair 'became a part of my body'. He has not allowed his mind to go numb from the shock of living with a paralysed body. Alexis read a lot and had published his first book, CICS-The Complete Book for Application Programmers, in 1995. Two more book came out the same year. In five years, he has published 24 books on subjects ranging from business computing to Oracle and Power Builder to Internet to Software configuration management. A book on IBM Mainframe he wrote with former colleague Jibu Thomas sold 50,000 copies. He has collaborated on two books, on PowerBuilder, with US based software consultant Richard Brooks. 

In 1996 Alexis floated his own company, L&L Consultancy Service Pvt. Ltd, with his engineer-brother Mathews. He is also the chief reviewer and Web master for Pegasus Book Club (www.inl.net/pbc). A year later Alexis launched his own publishing firm, Win Leon Publishing Private Ltd in Chennai, to bring out low-cost computer books. 

Alexis is a contented man today. Despite all that has happened in his life, he has not let despondency seep in. 

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