Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey actress,TV presenter,cookbook writer stumbled into the world of traditional Indian cooking quite by an accident. Her brand of Indian cooking sauces sells in super markets all over the world.

Alone in New York after her divorce from actor Saeed Jaffrey and struggling to make ends meet, Madhoor picked up cooking. For her it was a new career and for the world an eye-opener into a range of Indian dishes.

Settled in New York with her second husband, classical violinist Sanford Allen, Madhur has come a long way from pre-independence Delhi. She went to England on a scholarship to learn acting and after graduation married Jaffrey. She settled down in New York where her three daughters Meera, Zia and Sakina were born. Meanwhile her  career bloomed with the Ivory-Merchant production Shakespeare Wallah winning her the best actress award at the 1965 Berlin Film Festival.The other ivory-Merchant productions in which she appeared were "Heat and Dust","Autobiography of a Princess","The Assam Garden","The Perfect Murder" etc.

Acting remains her first love. Her latest films are Chutney Popcorn and Cotton Marry. She have written a movie script and becoming a director is her next port of call.

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