Mani Lal Bhaumik

Introduction :
Mani Lal has come a long way since he saw his grandmother die of starvation when he was a child. Now a millionaire, he recently returned to his native land determined to do something for poor students who dream of studying abroad but lack of resources.

Career :
Bhaumik was only 16 when left barefoot his remote village in Midnapore district to study in Calcutta.Half a century later he the image of "his own fight to stay afloat" when he sees a poor student struggling."For days we couldn't even afford a boiled drice and a pinch of salt.",he says.

Milestones :
The US based scientist, whose pioneering work in the field of laser technology has earned him 15 patents, announced for the setting up of a trust that will "facilitate higher studies abroad for deserving students". The eminent physicist, who is a co-inventor of the revolutionary Excimer laser,has set up Rs.1 billion foundation which will send poor meritorious student from rural West Bengal to top foreign institute for higher studies.

Review of life
"The recipe of success lies in the indomitable will to do something's had this uncanny fire in my belly to fight away the shackles of poverty and do something significant with my life", says Bhaumik.


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