Manoj Shyamalan

Introduction :
the Pondicherry born Manoj,who lives in Philadelthia with his wife Bhavana and their daughter Selitha had always had a sixth sense about his third film. While working on Wide Awake,his second film he told his editor that he would write a script called The sixth Sense and get Bruce Willis to star in it.He did and it resulted in one of the biggest hit of all the time, arning more than $300 million in the US alone.

Career :
Manoj Shyamalan and his super grosser The Sixth Sense won two Golden Globe nominations in December and 26th annual People's Choice Award for the favorite dramatic film 1999 a month later. Now with 6 Oscar nominations, Shyamalan has become the most recognized Indian name in Hollywood.

Review of life :
At the age of 16 he had made 45 short films. The spirituality of the film like Gandhi exerted as great an influence on the boy as ET,Jaws etc. Although he received scholarships to several mdical schools,Shyamalan chose to attend the New York University Tisch School of Arts to study Film-making.

Now with the heavy success of Sixth Sense behind him, Shyamakan,is already on the bigger thibgs. He was wrapped up a seven-figured deal with Disney for Unbreakable,another supernatural thriller which has Bruce Willis in the lead once again.

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