The Price Of Valour

What is a medal worth to a soldier ? 
                 Worth ? Everything ! Glory is priceless !
                                                       - Claude Melnotte



This Indian Distinguished Service Medal and second award bar was presented to a Gurkha recipient. 

Value : 2500 Pounds.


The Order of British India, first class. Instituted in 1837, it was awarded to Indian officers for long and honorable service, and carried with it the title of Sardar Bahadur.  

Value : 400 Pounds.


The Indian Order of Merit was the oldest instituted gallantry award in the world. This example of a single class award (1944-47), fetches close to 1200 Pounds at auctions.

The Tibet Campaign 1903-1904 Younghusband's campaign in Tibet of 1903-04 resulted in the assault on the monastery at Gyantse, and the entry of the Indian Army into Lhasa. 

Value : 200 Pounds.


The Central Africa Medal 1894-98 The campaigns of the Indian Contingent in British Central Africa put an end to the activities of the Arab slave traders, thereby effectively ending the slave trade to the Americans. 

Value : 180 Pounds.

The Suez Campaign 1882. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 necessitated an expedition to Egypt in 1882 to safeguard imperial interests in Egypt and the Sudan.  

Value : 60 Pounds.

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