Introduction :
Noon originally from Rajasthan, landed in London in 1964 from Mumbai where he worked in the family confectionary business. He still has a stake in the Bombay Halwa Company, which he started with another Indian. A venture with the Taj group to produce frozen food in New York failed to click. Hence he sold his shares and return to Britain to start producing ready to eat Indian food in 1989.

Career :
When Gulam Noon was building a plant to produ frozen Indian food ,he went scounting for the potential customers.One day he arrived at a birdseye,a leading frozen food seller,and walked out with a order so large thet the size of plant had to be doubled.

Review of life : Today Noon is 64 among the largest provider of readymade Indian food in Britain and one of the richest Asian businessmen in the country,with a personal wealth of 25 miilion pound.And now as he says,"I have never stopped since 1989".

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