Om Dutt Sharma


Introduction :
Sharma ,65, move dto the big Apple in 1974 when his second wife Krishna landed the job of nurse.

Career :
Sharma, a postgraduate in English litrature and a lawyer training, worked for a while with a tax advisory firm.His decision to become taxi driver shocked his wife and 2 sons, but they went along.And now he has got enough experience to fill a book,which can be titled as The Eyes of the City Through a Yellow Cab.

Milestones :
Three years ago Om Dutt Sharma sat down the tree with the elders of his village,Dhoobar in Saharanpur,Uttar Pradesh.The Stocky new York cab driver had an idea "Support me,"he told the villagers,"and I'll provide a free education,books,uniform and medical help.Today his school educates more than a hundred girls.The school's success encourages him to aquire more land where he hopes to build a new school and a hospital.So far he spent 10 lakh on his project.


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