Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service

This represents a continuation of the pre-Independence colonial medal into the period of time when India was a dominion, 1947-50.

Established: 23 February 1932, revised December 1944 into medals for gallantry and distinguished service. The medal became obsolete in March 1951 when the Police Medal for Meritorious was created.

Obverse: Circular 36-mm bronze. In the center, there is the head of King George VI. Suspended by a straight-bar suspender and named on the edge.

Reverse: Within a crowned wreath, the words "INDIAN / POLICE" and on a ribbon tying the sides of the wreath "FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE".

Ribbon: 35 mm, dark blue, with 5-mm white edge stripes and a 13-mm claret central stripe. White 5 mm, dark blue 6 mm, 13 mm claret, dark blue 6 mm, white 5 mm.