Medal for Meritorious Service

Awarded to members of a recognized police force, the Central Intelligence Bureau, or an organized fire service who have performed services of conspicuous merit. A bar may be awarded for subsequent services.

Established: March 1951.

Obverse: Circular bronze medal with the state emblem in the center and the legend "Police Medal" above. Suspended by a straight bar suspender (?) and named on the edge.

Reverse: Two horizontal lines, above and below the legend "Indian / Police" and, in the center, "For Meritorious Service". The entire reverse is contained within a wreath.

Ribbon: 35 mm, dark blue, with 5 mm white edge stripes and a 13 mm claret central stripe. White 5 mm, dark blue 6 mm, 13 mm claret, dark blue 6 mm, white 5 mm.