There are in all eighteen Puranas:

  1. Brahama Purana 
    Gives a description of the creation , an account of the Manwantaras, and the history of the solar dynasties at to the time of the Lord Krishna. It also sets forth sanctity of Orissa with its temples and sacred groves, dedicated to the sun, to Siva and Jagannatha. Its object seems to be the promotion of the worship of Krishna as Jagannatha.
  2. Padma Purana
    It contains in all five thousand Shlokas. These are divided in five different kandas or parts namely 
    1) The Shristi Khanda (Section on Creation)
    2) The Bhumi Khanda
    (Section on Earth)
    3) The Swarga Khanda
    (Section on Heaven)
    4) The Patala Khanda
    (Section on regions below the earth)
    5) The Uttara Khanda
    (Last supplement Chapter)
  3. Vishnu Purana
    The Vishnu Purana Consists of mythological characteristics that of mythological history of Vishnu. Vishnu descended in ten different avtaras 
    It also includes legends of kings and dynasties. But most of the dates in Vishnu Puranas are specific
  4. Vayu Purana
    The Vayu Purana is narrated by Suta , to the Rishis at Naimisharanya, as it was dormerlt told, at the same place, to similiar persons by Vayu ; a repetition of circumstances not uncharacteristic of this Purana. It is divided into four Padas, termed , severally, Prakriya, Upodghata, Anushanga, and Upasamhara; a classification peculiar to this work. These are preceded by an index, or heads of chapters, in the manner of the Mahabharat and Ramayana - another peculiarity.
  5. Sri Bhagwat
    The name of a Purana which consists of eighteen thousand Shlokas distributed amongst three hundred and thirty two chapters.
  6. Narada / Naradiya Purana
    This Purana is related to Narada and gives an account of Vrihas Kalpa. It is communicated to the Rishis at Naimisharanya on the Gamati river.It contains a number of prayers addressed to one or the other form of divinity. It is a compilation to support the
    doctorine of Bhakti or Faith in Vishnu. 
  7. Markanda / Markandeya Purana
    The Purana consists of an account of the nature of Vasudeva and an explanation of some of the incidents described in the Mahabharata. 
  8. Agni Purana
    This Purana derives its name from its having been communicated originally by Agni, the fire God to the muni Vashistha, for the purpose of instructing him in the two-fold knowledge of Brahma.
  9. Bhavishya Purana
    One of the Puranas in which Brahma having described the greatness of the Sun , explained to the Manu the existence of the world and the characters of all created beings in the course of Aghora Kalpa.
  10. Brahma Vaivartha Purana
    That Purana which is related by Savarane to Narada , and contains the account of the Greatness of Krishna with the occurrences of the Ratha Tanthra Kalpa. It contains eighteen thousand Stanzas.
  11. Linga Purana
    The Purana in which Siva explained the objects of life , viz, virtue, wealth , pleasure, and final liberation at the end of Agni kalpa.
  12. Varaha Purana
    Contains Accounts of Varaha incarnation of Vishnu.   
  13. Skanda Purana
    The Skanda purana is that in which the six faced Deity is related the events of Tatpurusha Kalpa, enlarged with many tales and subservient duties taught by Maheshwara.
  14. Vamana Purana
    This contains accounts of dwarf incarnation of Vishnu.
  15. Kuruma Purana
    The Purana in which the Janardhana in the form of a tortoise , in regions under the earth , explained the objects of life, duty, wealth, pleasure and celebration.
  16. Matsya Purana
    It consists of the Fish or Matsya incarnation account of Vishnu. There are also chapters on law and morals and one which furnishes directions for building houses and making images. 
  17. Garuda Purana
    It consists description of Vratas , or religious observances , of holidays , of sacred place etc. Also it has accounts of Astrology, Palmistry, precious stones and medicine.
  18. Brhamanda Purana
    It has declared in twelve thousand two hundred verses , the magnificence of the egg of Brahma and which in the account of the future kalpas is contained , is called the Brahmanda Purana and was revealed by the Brahma.


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