Sabeer Bhatia

Introduction :
A boy from Banglore who once tried selling sandwiches after school to make some pocketmoney,now had budging accounts in the bank.he had never dreamt of such a day. After all ,as a child he wanted to become an Army general. At the age of he decided to be an astronaut, then a scientist.

Career :
After landing in US with $250 Sabber had an option of dreaming of new career.He got a job as hardware Engineer in Apple Computers.At a small company while working on computer he was amazed at the fact that he could access any software on the Internet via webbrowser and then he jump into the net-based career.

milestones :
Sabeer Bhatia was one of the persons who developed the Hotmail. Hotmail was an idea born out of necessity. When Sabeer and his colleague Jack Smith were developing a business plan for a net based personal Data base called Java soft, their Company's firewall then prohibited them from accessing personal Email account. The two men thought of accessing the email account through web.Sabeer knew that Hotmail would be big one day.

Review of life :
His next dream is Arzoo. To be launched in a couple of months. will present with a revolutionary new way to shop on line.

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