Bhise Shankar Abaji
Indian Edison of Printing Technology

Printing Technology originated in China four centuries ago. But the early models were primitive requiring each charachter to be cast and composed. Until 150 years ago the printing process was so slow that only 150 charachters could be composed per minute.Realising the helplessness of Engineers in improving these machines a leading English company invited engineers from all over the world to take up this challenge. Bhise accepted the challenge.He succeeded in inventing a machine capable of composing 1,200 charachters in a minute. "Scientific American" a prestigious American Periodical took note of Bhise's Achievement. Bhise improved it even further inventing a later version capable of composing 3000 charachters per minute. Later he invented the automatic model. Bhise won 40 patents in printing technology He established a company in USA to manufacture printing machines and supplied them all over the world.

Having made his imprint on printing technology he turned to pharmaceuticals. One of his medicines as widely used by the US Army in the first World War. His Inventions were so many and in such diverse fields that American Technologists referred to him as the Indian Edison.

As in Industry in general, automation in the printing technology and binding industry has advanced at a rapid pace. Automation has been introduced all the way down the line from paper inspection to the bound end product. Punch tape operation of line. Casting is not introduced which increases the speed of printing.