‘Muscati’ Jayakar (1844-1911)
Species of Fish

Atmaram Sadashiv Jayakar went to England for Higher Education in medicine after completing his MBBS in India. Later he joined the Indian Medical Service.In a colonial Regime he was banished to Oman to look after the health of Muscat's residents. But LT. Col Jayakar did not despair. He nursed his hobby of studying animal life in the environment and succeeded in identifying a special type of goat that even now bears his name : "Hegitragus Jayakari" During his stay in Oman for three decades Jayakar collected a variety of rare fish, which he donated to the British museum of Natural History. Of the twenty two new species of fish identified by Jayakar, Seven bear his name.Two varieties of snakes and lizards are also named after him!

Jayakar's vision was by no means restricted to zoological specimens. In his very first year at Oman he produced a monograph entitled "Medical Typography of Oman" He also complied the dictionaries of Idioms in the Oman Language which is regarded as the best work on this subject. We should be proud that an Indian Doctor banished to little known Oman conducted such excellent research.