Khanolkar laid the foundation of modern medical research in India.A pathlogist and bacteriologist by profession Khanolkar is well known as director of research laboratories attached to bthe Tata Cancer Hospital as founder director of Cancer Research Centre. He was particularly keen in promoting social aspects of medicine and took an active interest in promoting medical education in India.

However,Khanolkar is remembered for his research on cancer.He investigated habits of people in different parts of Iindia and their relation to the incidence of cancer.For this work he conducted extensive surveys and was able to show that tobacco and paan were correlated with oral cancer.Appreciating importance of such work Khanolkar encouraged research in Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai.

Khanolkar's research interest was not was not limited to cancer.As a leading pathologist he contributed handsomely to research on leprosy and reproductive physiology.Khanolkar's work on racial distribution of blood groups,especially the RH factor is world famous. He was associated with numberous national and inteernational organisations on cancer and was given the Padma Vibhushan by the govt.of India . Dr. Vasant Ramji Khanolkar was born on 13th April,1895.After he got his medical degree from Mumbai,he went to London for further education.After getting a degree there he came back to Mumbai.He started working as a professor in Grand Medical College.

At,the same time he started research about cancer. He came to various conclusions after that,he found that atomic radiation,was,going to play important role for the illness like cancer.He presented hundreds of research paper about conclusion of cancer.He wrote a book"A LOOK AT CANCER"about cancer.He was elected as the pPresident of "International Cancer Research Commission (1950).

He was also a member of "UNO SCIENTIFIC COMITTEE"and Royal Society of Medicine.He was also President of "Indian Cancer Research Centre"during 1980 to 1953.He was awarded "National Research Professor in Medicine " from govt of India .He was also the Vice Councellor of Mumbai University for some period.