C V RAMAN (1888-1970)
He Inspired Two Generations Of Scientists

The discovery that a photon could give all or part of its energy to an electron (photoelectric and crompton effect)had firmly established the quantun theory.The Raman effect was an important step further.When monochromatic light was scattered by a transparent object,the scattered light wasseen to possess,besides the original wavelength,both higher and lower wavelengths. Whyshould light come out with increased energy? Because it can both give and take some energy from the molecule.Raman interpreted all aspects of this phenomenon.The molecules in an object can rotate around a fixed axis,and can also oscillate with respect to each other.That is,they have rational and vibrational energy.The photn can both give and take from this enrgy,resulting in scattered lightahving lower or higher energy.An accurate measurement of tehse changes was now a powerful tool in the hands of physicists and chemists. The Raman effect kept scientists of the next two generations busy.Many well known scientists in INDIA are his disciples.Raman also contributed substantially to acoustics and to perception of colour by the human eye.He was awarded the NOBLE PRIZE for 1930. CHANDRA SHEKAR VENKATA RAMAN became the first Indian scientist to become SIR C V RAMAN having won the NOBLE PRIZE in 1930 in physics for his work on the 'scattering of light' and fo rthe discovery of the effect of light rays named,after him as "RAMAN'S EFFECT". RAMAN never aspired for any high position and his greatest ambition was service to science.Science was the almighty LORD to C V RAMAN .He led a very simple,noble and saintly life.Raman lived as a student of science till his last and RAMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE in BANGLORE is a memorium to him and to his work. SIR C V RAMAN was born on 7 November,1988 in Tiruchirapalli in Tamilnadu.During a sea voyage in 1921, he became anxious to know why sea water glaciers and the sky were blue in colour?After returning to India he conducted many experiments on this phenomenon and brought forth the reason for the blue colour of sea water ,glaciers and sky. In 1924, he was made the FELLOW OF THE LORDON ROYAL SOCIETY. In 1925,he was honoured with RUSSIAN Academy of Sciences.This Noble Scientist-'Soul of India died on 20th November1920.