Siachen Glacier Medal

Awarded for combat service on the Siachen Glacier along India's norther border with Pakistan. Awarded to the Indian Air Force for "Operation Meghdoot", in support of activities in support of troops serving in the Siachen Glacier area since April 1984.

Established: 1987.

Obverse: Circular 36-mm cupro-nickel medal. In the center, the national emblem, surrounded by the legend "Siachen Glacier Medal [Hindi] / Siachen Glacier Medal". Suspended by a non-swiveling straight bar and named on the edge.

Reverse: A stylized scene of the mountains with standing fiugures and a helicopter. It is important to compare this reverse to that for the High Altitude Service Medal.

Ribbon: 31 mm, equal stripes of medium blue 10 mm, white 11 mm, and medium blue 10 mm.