Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal

The medal is awarded annually to officers and enlisted personnel of the Defence Security Corps who have served for a minimum of seven years in the Defence Security Corps and for a total of fifteen years in combined armed services and Defence Security Corps service. This medal is awarded to those who have met the conditions of award for the Unnat Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal but have not received that medal (and its pension). The medal is awarded on a scale of two per thousand enlisted personnel in the Defence Security Corps.

There is no way to determine from the design of the medal whether it is the pre-1968 or post-1968 award. This information will have to be determined from supporting documentation.

Established: 10 July 1964 as the "Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal, Class II," renamed 18 November 1968.

Obverse: Circular 35-mm bronze medal beating the national emblem. Suspended from a swiveling ornate straight-bar suspender. Usually named on the edge.

Reverse: Two crossed swords with a five-pointed star above and the legend in Hindi "Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal".

Ribbon: 32 mm, light blue with a 1 mm yellow stripe toward each edge.


  • 04059.100 Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal, Class II (1964-68)

  • 04059.200 Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal (1968--)