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Nobel Laurets of India

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was God's special gift to mankind. Her life was a story of love & compassion. To millions of the sick and poor and abandoned people she was a ray of light. Mother Teresa was born in Albania, Yugoslavia on August 27, 1910 and she left us to meet God on 5th of September 1997. When she was 12 year old she decided to become a nun. And she decided to come to India. She arrived in 1929 to become a teacher in Loretto school and was teaching their for 17 years of her life.

She became an Indian citizen in the year 1948 and came to be known as Mother Teresa. With a great passion for her work she started an organisation Missionaries of Charity. It began Formally in October, 1950.Her first home for the abandoned was called as Nirmal Hriday, the place of the pure heart.From Nirmal Hriday grew 62 homes for the dying poor all over India. The world showed Mother Teresa their respect by giving her numerous awards, at both NAtional and International Levels. The Nobel Peace Prize, The Leo Tolstoy International Award, The Bharat Ratna, the British Order of Merit, the Ceres Medal of the FAO-and many more. She has received over 50 national & international awards.