Territorial Army Decoration

The medal is awarded to officers of the Territorial Army for twenty years of efficient service. Service is actually computed by a rather elaborate formula but, in general, active service during wartime or any other emergency condition counts double; it is unclear from the regulations how service which qualifies for the various long service medals relates to this award.

Established: 1 February 1952 (with effect from 15 August 1951), by the President of India. Amended 27 March 1953 and 24 September 1963. Generally revised on 4 December 1964 and further amended 8 April 1965. Revised again on 10 April 1974.

Obverse:  Oblong silver medal with a five-pointed star in the center, surrounded by an oblong wreath. Suspended by a ring and the national emblem. A square bar "TERRITORIAL" is used to suspend the ribbon. A more detailed picture of the obverse.

Reverse: The Hindi legend "Acchi seva ke liye" or "For Good Service".

Ribbon: 30 mm, dark blue with a 10 mm central orange stripe; the blue stripes have 1 mm white stripes at the center and between the blue and orange parts. Dark blue 4 mm, white 1 mm, dark blue 4 mm, white 1 mm, orange 10 mm, white 1 mm, dark blue 4 mm, white 1 mm, dark blue 4 mm. The ribbon is suspended from a square bar with the legend "TERRITORIAL".

On 16 November 1974, the Army Postal Service issued a stamp commemorating the Territorial Army. While the stamp itself does not depict any decorations, the first-day cover shows both the Territorial Decoration and the Territorial Medal: