Unnat Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal

The medal is awarded annually to officers and enlisted personnel of the Defence Security Corps who have served for a minimum of seven years in the Defence Security Corps and for a total of fifteen years in combined armed services and Defence Security Corps service. The medal is awarded on a scale of two per thousand enlisted personnel in the Defence Security Corps. It carries with it a pension of Rs. 25 per year. Personnel who meet the qualifications but are not awarded this medal will be awarded the Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal.

Established: 10 July 1964 as the "Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal, Class I," renamed 18 November 1968.

Obverse: Circular 35-mm bronze medal beating the national emblem. Suspended from a swiveling ornate straight-bar suspender. Usually named on the edge.

Reverse: Two crossed swords with a five-pointed star above and the legend indicating the name of the medal (which altered in 1968).

Ribbon: 32 mm, light blue with two 1-mm yellow stripes, 2 mm apart, toward each edge.


  • Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal, Class I (1964-68) - reverse legend "???" or "Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal"

  • Unnat Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal (1968-) - reverse legend "???" or "Unnat Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal"