Vivek Jakob

Introduction :
He came to Hong Kong on a holiday 28 years agowith $300 rolled in his socks.The Haryana borned Ranjan Marwah never turned to his job as reporter in Delhi.

Career :
He is an IIT graduate at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland.

Milestone :
Vivek Jakob founded Italy's first financial analysis company, International Computer Consultants (ICC) in 1989 when he was 25. Innovation is Vivek's middle name. While working with Credito Emilianohe set up a centre for financial analysis and operational methodology for banking industry.

Review of life :
"Success is directly proportional to sweat" says Vivek who works for 15 hours a day. Vivek's future project is a company creating services and products for business to business clients in the internet sector. Within months of joining Providian in 1986,he put his strategy of blending technology with business insight to work.


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