Ahilya Rangnekar :

She turned 79 this year (2000), one of the activists during 40's recalls, "Because of my family background, it was natural for me to join the students' movement 40's. I was at Ferguson College, Pune when Madhavbhai Desai died in jail. Some women students took out a procession and we were all thrown in jail. The college asked us to apologise, we refused. So we were rusticated and our bags were thrown out of the hostel building. In jail, we decided to hoist the national flag. We were wearing green and white saris, but there was no orange to be found for the tricolor. A lady criminal got orange for us, we drew a charkha with coal. Another girl and I climbed on top of the high wall to hoist it. For seven days, both of us were locked up in a small cell as punishment. "
Yes, this is the same women hoisting flag whom you must have seen in the patriotic songs clippings shown on TV.


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