Blood in the Snow
Sepoy Amar Singh

On the morning of 18 June 1948 Sepoy Amar Singh was manning a light machine gun at Zoji La Pass when the enemy opened fire with machine guns and began advancing down the ridge towards the picket.

The surprise attack koocked out a third of the soldiers manning the post. Amar Singh aws wounded in the head but with a sheer efffort of will be hung on to consciousness and continued firing.

Time and again that morning, the enemy made determined attempts to overrun the post but the sepoy's deadly fire drove them away and held them at bay.

Hours later when reinforcements arrived, the snow covered ground on which the sepoy was lying was drenched with his blood but he insisted on remaining at his post. He was was finally evacuated at ten in the night.

Sepoy Amar Singh was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for exceptional gallantry.

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