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  Limca World Records of Indians
Who have made India Proud


WR:Largest vegetarian population  

About 20%Indians are practising vegetarians. There are 744 vegetarian communities. There are 744 vegetarian communities comprising 16% of the population, prominent among them being, Jains and Vaishnavas.

WR: Largest producer and consumer of cashew

India accounts for 42% of the world's total cashew nut production (9.25 lakh tonnes) and consume about onethird of global consumption or 2.10 lakh tonnes per annum.

WR: Largest area under oilseed cultivation

India has 268 lakh land under oilseed cultivation, accounting for 21% of the world's area under this crop.

WR: Tallest Brinjal plant

Abdul Masfoor of Hunsur, Mysore, has a 20 feet tall brinjal plant in his garden with three different varieties growing on it. The plant which began fruiting in April 1998 had produced around 80 Kg. of brinjal by April 1999.

WR: Most expensive tea

In July 1993, Abdulla Alireza of Europe produced one kg. of Castleton tea for Rs.14,250, the highest selling price so far. Castleton Tea Ltd. in the Darjeeling area of West Bengal accounts for 23.5% of the world's tea production.

WR: First on world's highest road

The J&K State Road Transport Corporation operated the first vehicle across Khardung La Pass at 18,380 ft. in 1962.

WR: Mobile Hospital

Jeevan Rekha or Lifeline Express, the first full-fledged hospital on wheels, was flagged off from Mumbai on July 16, 1991. The train has three specially designed air-conditioned coaches that house an operation theatre, sterilizing room and wards apart from accommodation for the mobile medical team.

WR: Highest airport

Leh Airport in Ladakh at a height of 3,256 m(10,680 ft) is the highest non-military airport.

WR: Longest corridor

The corridor in the Ramanathswamy temple at Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, is 1,220m (4,002 ft) long. It has 983 pillars, though popularly known as 'corridor with thousand pillars.'

WR: Longest canal

Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana(IGNP) canal at Rajasthan is 649 km.long. The Rs.4,600-crore project, meant for the irrigation of 13,58 lakh ha in six and districts of Rajasthan, took 35 years to complete.

WR: Most extensive canal system

The canal system constructed in 1909 by the British in Tamil Nadu and Sind had 20,917 km. of primary and secondary canals stretched over 67,578 km.of distributories irrigating 23 millions acres of land, equal to half the total acreage of Great Britain.

WR: Largest chandeliers

The Durbar Hall of the Gwalior royal palace has a pair of chandeliers, 42ft.height and weighing three tonnes each.

WR: Longest constitution

The Constitution of India contains 395 Articles and 12 schedules. The ninth Schedule was added by the First Amendment in 1951 and the 11th and 12th by the 73rd and 74th Amendment in 1992.

WR: Largest constituency

By voter strength: Outer Delhi has 28,80,872 votes. By area: Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, with an area of 96,707 sq.km but just 1.3 lakh votes.

WR: Party with most votes

Riding a sympathy wave after the assassination of Indira Gandhi Congress (1)secured a record 11,52,21,078 votes and won 412 out of the 513 parliamentary seats.

WR: Longest press conference

V.P.Singh's second press conference on July 20, 1990 lasted two-and a-half hours. The conference held at the Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi following a crisis in the Party had over 800 journalists in the audience.

WR: First fingerprint bureau

The world's first fingerprint bureau was set up in Calcutta in June 1897. A murder case in 1898 in Jalpaiguri was among the first in the world where the culprit was caught on the basis of dactyloscopy, the science of fingerprint identification.

WR: Woman's paramilitary battalion

A paramilitary force comprising entirely of women was set up by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), known as the Mahila Battalion, the 88th Battalion of the CRPF was commissioned on March 30, 1986.

WR: Flying cat

The Army's Alloute III B or Cheetah (helicopters regularly fly to altitudes ranging from 20,000 to 23,000 ft, a record unparalleled by helicopters of this class.

WR: National Defence Academy(NDA)

The premier Joint Services undergraduate training institution of India, NDA at Khadakwasla about 16 km from Pune, turned 50 in Jan. 1999. Cadets passing out of the academy are awarded a B.A. or B.Sc. degree by Jawaharlal Nehru University.

WR: Largest mass band

On Dec.16, 1997, 4,459 interservice musicians formed a mass band as a part of a 50minute Vijay Diwas show. A total of 251 pipe and drum bands, 30 military , four Air Force and two Naval bands came together under the baton to play Amazing Grace as a single unit of 227 pipes, 902 drums, 258 buglers, 937 brass band personnel and 135 band majors.

WR: Sister pilots

Plt.Offrs Namrita and Supreet Chandi trained in the same course and both opted to for helicopters. Posted to different Air Force stations, Namrita files a Chetak while Supreet files a Cheetah.

WR: Cancellation at the highest point

A set of four stamps with first-day-cover on Himalayan Ecology depicting the flora and fauna of the first day cover region was carried by a team from the IndoTibetian Border Police which scaled stamps Mt.Everest on May,10, 1996. The stamps were released at the base camp at a height of 21,400 ft.

WR: Largest Open School

National Open School(NOS) received the Commonwealth learning Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement in Distance Education for 1998.

WR: Most runs in a day

In the Manchester Test between England and India on July 27, 1936, England scored 398 and India 190 to record an aggregate of 588 for the loss of only six wickets at a rate of over 90 runs per hour in six-and a-half hours.

WR: Most 1000+runs in a calender year

Sunil Gavaskar made 1024 runs in 11 tests in 1976; 1944 runs in nine Tests in 1978; 1,555 runs in 18 Tests in 1979; and 1,310 runs in 18 Tests in 1983.

WR: Fastest double century

Ravi Shastri made 200 not out in 113 minutes for Bombay against Baroda at Mumbai in 1984-85.

WR: Maximum overs (match)

C.S.Nayudu bowled 152.5 overs in the Holkar vs Bombay match in 1944. His analysis: 152.5-25-428-11. Broken up: 64-5-10-153-6 and 88-15-275-5.

WR: First woman to swim the Straits of Gibraltar

Aarti Pradhan (then 17) swam the 30 km Straits on August 29, 1988 in 7 hr 17 min.

WR: Shortest man

Gul Mohammed (b. Feb, 15, 1957 d. Oct 1, 1997) a resident of Ballimaran, Delhi, was 57.16 cm(22.5 in) tall and weighed 17 kg.(37.5 ib)

WR: Theme sari

A sari designed and woven in 1998 by Rmk, a silk sari store of Tirunelveli, depicted 33 different designs using Bharata Natyam abhinayas(postures)

WR: Pulling with teeth

Punjab Police ASI Narinder Singh of Nawanpind, Akalgarh (Phagwara) pulled a 150 tonne diesel engine with his teeth for 8.50 m at the Old Delhi railway station on Jan 2,1994.

WR: Longest dance party

MTV India organised the dance party that lasted for 50 hours! The bash began at 10 p.m. on Nov.26, 1999 and concluded at 12p.m. on Nov.28, 1999.

WR: Oldest Record For Rice Cultivation
The records of rice 'domestication' have been found at Neolithic sites (pre-7000 B.C) at Koldhiwa, Mahagara in Allahbad dist.;Manigara and Baraunha in Mirzapur dist.; Sohgaura in gorakhpur dist.; and Lahura Deva in Basti dist.
WR: Highest Wheat Yield
India recorded a yield of about 2,781 kg/ha in 1999-2000, producing 742.5 lakh tonnes of wheat out of  267 lakh ha and ranked second only to China (1,144 lakh tonnes) 
WR: First Semi-dwarf Dicoccum Wheat Variety
The World's first dwarf wheat variety DDK 1001 (yield potential 4 tons/ha) was developed at the Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal in 1995.
WR: Largest Producer of ulses
India produced 161 lakh tonne pulses in 1999,accounting for 27.2% of the global production (593 lakh tonnes)
WR: Largest producer of Millets
India produced 80.96 lakh tonnes of millet in 1999 sharing 30.7% of the global figure (263.5 lakh tonnes). Nigeria came second with 54.57 lakh tonnes
WR: Largest Producer of Dry Beans
India produced 45.5 lakh tonnes of dry beans in 1999 out of the global output of 193.93 lakh tonnes. Brazil came second with 28.89 lakh tonnes.
WR: Largest producer of chickpease
India produced 67 lakh tonnes of chickpea in 1999 out of the global output of 92.44 lakh tonnes. Pakistan was next with6.99 lakh tonnes.
WR: Largest Producer of Caster Seeds
India produced 8.42 lakh tonnes of caster seeds out of 7.13 lakh  in 1999,the exports touched a peak of 2.34 lakh tonnes worth Rs.898 crore in 1999-2000
WR: Largest Cauliflower producer
India produced 52,00,000 tonnes of cauliflower in 1999 sharing 37.6% of the global output (138.42 lakh tonnes).China came second with 46,13,959 tonnes.
WR: Tallest Amaranthus
V.Balasubramanyam of Jayangar, Bangalore grew an Amaranthus hypochondriacs (a leafy vegetable) in his garden which reached a height of 11 ft 7 in before it started withering during the first week of Dec.1998
WR: Highest Production of mango
India ranked first in the production of mangoes in 1999 with 120 lakh tonnes accounting for more than 50% of global output, Mango trees occupy 10.78 lakh  land. India grows over 1,000 out of 1,100 verities of mangoes in the world.
WR: Largest producer of bananas
India produced 110 lakh tonnes of bananas in 1999, sharing 18.8% of the global production (584 lakh tonnes). Bananas account for about 27% of the production of fruit in the country.
WR: Largest Spice producer
India produced 26 lakh tonnes of spices out of 23 lakh ha during 1998-99. The intrinsic value of Indian spices makes them superior in terms of taste, colour fragrance.
WR: Global Supplier of Spices
India accounts for one-fourth of the global trade in spices and herbs, estimated at 5,00,000 tonnes worth US $150 crore
WR: Largest producer of Chilli
India produces 9.46 lakh tonnes globally. India has over 40 different varieties of chillies under cultivation in total area of 9.57 lakh ha. Of the total national figure, Andra Pradesh produces 4.65 lakh tonnes followed by Karnataka.
WR: Hottest Chilli
The world's hottest chilli grows in India. Tezpur chilli, named after the place annually. Indian export in terms of quantity touched an all-time high 2,31,398 tonnes in 1998-99 earning Rs.1,758 crore.
WR: Land pf Black Pepper
With an output of 57,000 tonnes of pepper, India accounted for 24.7% of global production in 1999. India also has the largest area(1,79,590 ha) under the crop in the world.
WR: Largest Cardamom Production
Small Cardamom (Ellettaria Cardamom) is known as 'queen of spices'. With 52,918 ha under this crop, India registered an output of 7,170 tonnes during 1998-99

WR: Largest Turmeric Production

India produced 5.43 lakh tonnes of turmeric (Curcuma longa L) from 1.34 lakh ha of land in 1998-99which accounts for around 76% of the global output.
WR: Most Expensive Spice
Domestic market price for saffron, a spice commonly found in J&K, touched Rs34,500 per kg in Oct.1999 while in the international market it was priced at US $ 365 per pound
WR: Largest Ginger Producer
With an annul output of 2.35 lakhs tonnes of ginger (Zingier officiate) and an area of 70,910 ha under the crop, India shared 34.3% of global production(6.86 lakh tonnes) in 1999. In India,kerla accounts for nearly 70% of the national output.
WR: Largest Mint Oil Producer
India produced 12,000 tonnes of mint oil and exported 8,000 tonnes. Mint oil is derived from the aromatic herb menthol mint (Mentha arvensis) grown in parts of punjab, H.P., U.P.and Bihar.
WR: Largest Suger producer
India registered an output of about 180 lakh tonnes of sugar in 1999-2000 season against 152.38 lakh tonnes the previous year
WR: Largest Tea producer
With an output of 8,16,060 tonnes in 1999-2000, India became the world leader sharing over 26% of the global production
WR: Largest production of Jute & Allied Fibres
With an output of 20.9 lakh tonnes India contributed 62.8% of global output (33.27 lakh tonnes) and exported 13.28 lakh tonnes. India also accounts for 11.1 lakh ha under the cultivation out of 18.3 lakh ha worldwide. 
WR: Only producer of muga Silk
India is the only producer of the golden coloured muga silk of assam. With an output of 15,500 tonnes in 1999, India is the largest producer of silk after China
WR: First Non-Narcotic Poppy 
Sujata, a new opium variety developed in 1998 at the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatical plants, Lucknow is non-narcotic, totally free from both opium and alkaloids.
WR: Largest Producer of Arecanuts
India produced 3,10,000 tonnes of arecanuts in 1999 to become the world leader, followd by China with 1,72,574 tonnes.
WR: Pedal-Operated Rice Mill
Suredranath Singh of Manipur Science & Technological Council, imphal developed a pedal-operated rice mill with an output capacity of 10 kg/hr in August. This portable rice mill, weighing just 35 kg, incurs no operation cost as it does not require fuel or electricity
WR: Lrgest Cattle Plague
India shares 15.7% or 20.9 crore cattle head out of a 133.4-crore population world over
WR: Largest Buffalo Population
 India shares 9.2 crore or 55.1% of the total buffalo heads globally, put at 16.7 crore.
 WR: Most Draught Animals
Over 60.4 lakh cattle, 69.7 lakh buffaloes and 2.9 lakh camels are used as draught animals in India
WR: First Test-Tube Buffalo Calf
Scientists at the Embryo Biotechnology Center at NDRI, Karnal, led by Dr M.L.Madan ,evolved the world's first test-tube buffalo calf, Pratham, in Nov.1990. The 38 kg male calf was born to a Murrah buffalo which had received the in-vitro fertilised buffalo embryo.
WR: Milky Way of progress
India started with a baseline annual milk production of 170 lakh tonnes in 1947.The figure skyroceted to 771.8 lakh tonnes in 1999 making India the world's largest milk producing country. With the present annual growth rate of 5.5%, India is expected to produce 220-250 lakh tonnes of milk by the year 2020
WR: Largest producer of milk Products
India is the largest producer of milk products with production of milk powder alone touching 1,75,000 tonnes per year
WR: Largest Agri Research System
Forty-five central agricultural research institutes ,4 bureaux, 10 project directorates, 30 national research centers, 80 all-India co- ordinated research projects,261 krishi vigyan kendras, 1 national research center for women in agriculture.
WR: Largest Plant Gene Bank
The national gene bank at the National Bureau of plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, set up in 1976 by the ICAR, preserves 1,73,738 plant varieties including over 7,100 under-utilised crops.
WR: Largest Collection of Spices  Germplasm
The All-India on Spices and the Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode together has a collection of over 10,500 germplasm accessions in spices. The IISR alone accounts for 3,000 black pepper,585 ginger,  698 turmeric, 286 cardamom, 465 nutmeg, 229 clove,280 cinnamon, 192 paprka, 12 garcinia,39 vanilla, I allspice and 1 tamarind accession. 
WR: Earliest Research On Coconut
India had taken up systematic research on coconut as early as 1916 with the establishment of four research station in the then South Kanara dist.of the combined Madras Presidency.
WR: Only Research Center For Tropical Tuber Crops
The Central Tuber Crops Research Institute at Sreekariyum, Kerala is dedicated solely to research on tropical tuber crops. It was established in 1963
WR: Largest Potato Research Institute
The earliest Pepper Research Scheme was initiated in 1949 at panniur, Kerala by the Govt of Madras
WR: Highest Motorable Road
Khardung-la road in theLeh-Manali sectored was constructed by the Border Roads organisation at an altitude of 5,682 m (18,383 ft)
WR: Highest Filling Station
The filling station at Kaza, Spiti Valley, is situated at 13,500 ft. The Indian Oil Corporation also operated a petrol pump at leh, Ladhak, at 12,000 ft.
WR: Largest Bus Terminus
Imlibun bus terminus of APSRTC at Hyderabad was inaugrated on Augest 11,1994. The eight-hectare complex, completed at a cost of Rs 13 crore, has 74 platforms for incoming and outgoing buses, a waiting hall of 7,380 sq m and a shopping complex of3,455 sq m besides a 5,000 sq m area for private parking.
WR: On the highest road
The JKSRTC operated the first vehicle across khardung La Pass at 18,380 ft in 1962.
WR: First 4-stroke scooter
Legend, a four-stroke 150 cc 9 hp scooter from Bajaj Auto Ltd, pune, was launched on July 25, 1998. It is also the world's first geared four-stroke scooter.
WR: Largest Makes of Bicycles
Since inception till Sept.2000, the company had produced 600 lakh bicycles and touched a production rate of over 18,500 cycles per day and 52 lakh per annum.
WR: Largest Employer
Indian Railway employs 15.78 lakh people, the largest by any single organisation.
WR: Highest Passenger Earnings
The Mumbai suburban railway system carries 59 lakh passengers a day, the higest in the world when compared to track length. About 1,077 suburban trains run every day on a track length of just 288 km.
WR: Mobile Hospital
Jeevan Rekha (Lifeline) Express, the first full-fledged hospital on wheels, was flagged off from Mumbai on July 16, 1991.The train has three specially designed air conditioned coaches which house an operation theatre, steriling room and wards apart from accommodation for the mobile team.
WR: First Double-Deck Coaches
Bombay-Baroda and Central India Railway (BB&CI) introduced double-deck coaches in 1862 with a seating capacity of 120-150 on the lower deck and 70 on the top.
WR: Longest Covered Platform
Two of the platform at Sealdah station, Calcutta-1,000 ft each in length  and over 28 ft in width-have 550 ft long covering sheds over six lines of rail. The station was opened in 1862 and was the first terminal station at Calcutta.
WR: Longest Platform
The railway platform at Kharagpur in West Bengal is 833 m (2,733 ft) long
WR: Largest RRI System
Delhi Main (Old Delhi) station was upgraded to handle 11,000 train movements simultaneously since Augest 2000, thanks to the newly installed Route Relay interlocking (RRI) system. The system makes it possible to receive trains from all directions to all platforms
WR: Largest Shipbreaking yard
Alang Shipbreaking yard in the Bhavnager dist.of Gujarat accounted for 30 lakh tonnes of recycled steel(70% of the world trade) during 1998-99. Alang is specially suitable because of its tidal variations from 2 ft to 41 ft, which allows large ships to be brought right up to the shoreline.
WR: Longest human powered boat
The longest boats are the snake boats or Chundan Valloms of Kerala used for boat races during the onam festival in August-September every year. Their average length is 30m (98.4 ft). Three boats share the longest individual length of 41.1 m, one of them being the famous Nadumbhagom.
WR: First Floating Maritime Museum
The steamer River Ganga floating at the Man-of-War jetty in Calcutta was converted to maritime museum and training center of the Calcutta Port Trust in July 1993.
WR: Women On Sail
Padma Vibhushan Sumati Morarji of Scindia steame Navigation Co. was the First women to head an organissation fo ship owners, the Indian National Steamship Owners association in 1956.
WR: Highest airport
Leh Airport in Ladakh at a height of 3,256m(10,680 ft) is the highest non-military airport. 
WR: First all-jet carrier
 In 1962, Air India became the world's first all-jet carrier when it replaced Super Constellation with a fleet of Boeing 707s.
WR: Largest Civilian Evacuation
Air-India in association with Indian Airlines airlifted 1,11,711 stranded Indians from Amman to Mumbai by operation 488 flights in 1990. the operation lasted 59 days.
WR: Most IATA Certificates
Sensei P.M. Farook of Tirur, Kerla has to his credit 19 IATA certificates. The international air Transport association (IATA), founded in 1919, is the trade association of the international airline industry that groups together about 270 airlines world over.
WR: First Woman Airbus pilot
On May 14, 1987, Durba Banerjee co-piloted an Airbus 300 on the Calcutta-New Delhi-Calcutta sector.
WR: First Commercial Women Pilot
Prem Mathur (b. August 25, 1924) started flying in 1948 at Allahabad. She got her private pilot's a license in 1951.On June 13,1951 she joined Deccan Airways at Hyderabad and flew DC-3c on their schedule flights.
WR: Women pilot With most Flying Hours
Capt. Durba banerjee, who started for aviation career flying a Dakota as an air Survey Pilot in 1959, joined Indian airlines in 1966. she retired on nov.30,1988 with 18,500 flying hours.
WR: Youngest Commander
Capt. Nivedita bhasin got her license when she was 16 and piloted Indian Airlines IC 192 (Boeing 737-200) on the Mumbai-aurangabad-udaipur sector on Jan. 1, 1990. she was also the youngest women glider pilot.
WR: First All-Women Crew
Capt. Saudamini Deshmukh, Co-pilot Nivedita Bhasin and two air hostesses created history when when they flew Indian Airlines IC 258 (Boeing 737-200) from silchar to Calcutta on Jan. 15, 1986.On sept. 16, 1989,they also piloted IC 169 jet flight (Boeing 737-200) on the Mumbai-Goa sector with 126 passengers.
WR: Hijacked most times
Devinder kumar Mehta, a flight purser with Indian Airlines, was hijacked thrice on three IA flights, the first time being in 1982. He Was also on a plane that crash-landed in 1965.
WR: Worst Mid-Air Crash
At 6:41 p.m. on Nov.12,1996, an IL-76 of the Kazhakistan Airlines and a Boeing 747 of Saudi collided mid-air at 14,000 ft above kheri sanwal village, Bhivani dist, Haryana. The Kazhak cargo liner with 29 passengers and a crew of 10 was coming in to Delhi while the saudi Airlines with 289 passengers and a crew of 23 had just taken off from Delhi.
WR: Largest Corbelled Cornice Dome
Gol Gumbaz, built in 1659 in the tomb complex of the Adil Shah Sultans at bijapur, Karnataka has a dome that measures 42m (137 ft) in diameter. its corbelled cornice (an ornamental projection crowing a building) projects over 3 m (9.8 ft) outwards.
WR: Oldest Observatory
Jantar mantar at Delhi was constructed by a huge sundial. the other structure are ment for measuring the positions of stars, altitudes and azimuths and calculating eclipses. The instruments are made of stone and lime.
WR: Larget Bathing Complex
The bathing complex at Shirdi, Nasik in Maharashtra built and maintained by sulbah International for the Shirdi Saibaba Trust has provision of 120 toilets, 108 bathing cubicles, 28 special toilets, six dressing rooms, and rows of urinals and can serve 30,000 persons a day.
WR: Highest Conference Hall
Indian Army's conference hall on the border at Nathula near Gangtok is built at a height of 14,600 ft (4,450 m). Maj. Gen. P.P.S. Bindra and 104 engineers of the army worked for seven months to complete the task in May 1998        
WR: oldest Children's slide
The rock-cut children's slide at Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu is considered the oldest children's slide in the world.
WR: Largest dish antenna
The telescope dish antenna at the Tata institute of Fundamental Research Center, Pune is 45 m high and has a diameter of 45 m.
WR: Tallest puja Lamp
Dr Avinash Banait, his wife Jayshree and sons Yash and Jeryll designed, built and installed a 'Samai',a golden puja lamp made of fiberglass in front of a statue of Lord Krishna at their lawns.The lamp is 48 high and 12 ft base diameter is lit using edible oil and thick cotton wicks.
WR: Largest Trophy
The gold-plated silver trophy with the All India Digamber jain Samaj, Jaipur is 11 ft high, 36 in wide and weighs over 135 kg of which 93 kg is silver. Designed and executed by Amit Paudwal, the trophy is also studded with 20,000 carats of precious stones.
WR: Longest Newspaper
A 650 m long wall paper, written by 2,165 children of 16 states in ten languages was displayed at the 14th New Delhi Book Fair, Pragati Maidan from Feb.5-13-2000. Organised by the national Center for Children's Literature (NCCL).
WR: First Magazine On CD-ROM,
 a monthly multimedia electronic magazine was conceived and launched. Priced at Rs100, this CD-zine sold from bookstand targets the whole family and is an interactive mix of text, video and audio.
WR: First Internet Radio
www.radioofindia.com is a multichannel, multilingual 24-hour internet radio catering to the Asian-Indian community. 
WR: Station at the highest altitude
The Leh (Ladakh) station of AIR at an altitude of 3,231 m above sea level went on air on June 25, 1971
WR: Space technology for social education
On August 1, 1975, DD launched a one-year Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) involving 2,330 villages of economically backward states for which satellite ATS-6 was
WR: Largest Postal Network
India has 1,54,149 post offices of which 89% are in the rural areas serving 6,04,341 villages in the country. Letters are collected from 5,64,701 letter boxes, processed by a network of 573 Railway mail service (RMS).
WR: Highest Post Office
Hikkim branch post office in Lahaul and Sprite district, Himachal Pradesh is at an approximate height of 15,000 feet and was opened of nov.5,1983
WR: Earliest Official Stamp
Indian issued stamps in 1866 and the State of  Hyderabad in 1873. These stamps had service, official or sarkari over stamped.
WR: First Halftone Stamps
The kishangarh series of 1913 was produced entirely in halftone.
WR: Coloured Alike
All denomination of the 1866-77 issues of Jammu & Kashmir and the issues of Combined States (1878-94_) were all hand stamped in watercolor on various kinds of paper manufactured locally
WR: Multilingual Inscriptions
Between 1871 and 1948 the majority of stamps issued by the princely State of Hyderabad were inscribed in four different scripts-English, Marathi, Telgu and Urdu.
WR: Overprints For Other Use
 In 1866, stamps were overprinted service for official correspondence In the same year revenue stamps were overprinted postage for postal use.
WR: Three Country Stamps
Stamps portraying Emperor Haile Selassie in his coronation robes which appeared in Ethiopia in 1942 were lithographed at the Security Press, Nashik, and the values added by letter press at Khartoum, Sudan.
WR: Most Stamps Honouring An Indian
The maximum number of stamps honouring an indian are of Mahatma Gandhi. More than 80 stamps of Gandhiji have been issued from 81 countries, including the Republic of South Africa.
WR: First Airmail/Airmail Stamps
L. Pecquet flying a Humber-Sommer biplane carried 6,500 letters and postcards from Allahabad to Naini on Feb.18,1911. India was the first country to issue a special set of airmail stamps on Oct. 22,1929.
WR: Highest ISD Booth
The ISD booth at the Siachen base camp at a height of 18,000 ft was set up by the Army's Crop of Signals n Oct.1997.
WR:Longest Domain Name
www.halloffameofinternationalincredibleuniquerecordssoutof36thousand.com is a records site owned by Guinness Rishi which keeps information about the  longest, shortest, tallest,smallest,latest,oldest,busiest and brightest.
WR: Largest School
 The City Montessori School (CMS) Lucknow, founded in 1959 by Jagdish Gandhi and Bharti Gandhi, M.Ed. (Child psychologist) with five students on roll is now the world's largest private school in a single city.
WR:Youngest Matriculate
Soupati Divya Tej of Guntur, born on June 8, 1990 secured an aggregate of 323 marks in SSC public exams held in March 1999 at the age of nine years two days.
WR:Youngest Post Graduate
Born on Sept. 9, 1987 Tathagat Avatar Tulsi of Bihar passed the B.Sc.examnation with honours in Physics from science College, Patna at 11 years, 2 months to go on to pass M.Sc. on Nov. 28, 1999 at the age of 12 years, 2 months.
WR: First Officer On Husband's Death
Rashmi Gautam, whose husband was killed on Operation Rakshak was commissioned into the Army after her husband was killed in action.
WR: Most Colours Presented In A Day
On Feb. 24, 1988 President R. Venkataraman presented 24 colours to 23 mechanised battalions and their parent unit, the Mechanised Infantry Regimental Center (MIRC).
WR: Highest Tank Battle
On Nov. 1, 1984, an Indian bridge group supported by 7 Cavalry (Stuart tanks) drove out a group of invading Pakistani battalions and Azad kashmir tribal groups at Zoji La
WR: Highest Inhabited post
Bana Post (earlier quid post) at Siachen, 20,912 ft above mean sea level is named after Nb.Sub.Bana Singh of 8 J&K Light Infantry.
WR: Flying Cat
The Army's Alouette Artouste III B or Cheetah helicopters regularly fly to altitude ranging from 20,000 to 23,000 ft, a record unparalleled by helicopters of this class.
WR: Largest Accessory Store
Navyug Military and General Stores at Bangalore is the largest wholesale and retail military accessory store. Apart from being manufacturers, they are suppliers, contractors, traders, advisors, exporters and importers in virtually every item that the armed forces require.
WR: Largest mass band
On Dec. 16,1947,4,459 interservice musicians formed a mass band as part of 50-minute Vijay Diwas show.
WR:Highest Battleground
Translated, Siachen means 'rose garden', a wildly romantic name given to the 76.8 km river of ice abutted by knife-edged,fluted,serrated ridge lines exceeding 7,100 m at some places. It is the codest battle field with posts at altitudes varying from 15,000 to 21,000 ft.
WR: Highest Dive
Naval divers took the plunge at Ladakh's Pangong Tso Lake (14,200') in July 1988.
WR:Longest Tow
When Mauritian Coast Guard vessel Vigilante needed repairs on its shafting systems within a year of commissioning, CGS Sarang towed her for 14 days over 2,650 nautical miles to Naval Dockyard, Mumbai. It was repaired in a record four months.
WR: High Altitude Landing
Sqn. Ldr.C.S.Raje (later Air Mshl.) was the first to land and take off from the makeshift airstrip at Daulatabeg Oldi. He landed with 32 fully equipped jawans at Daulatbeg Oldi(17,000 ft), the highest airstrip in the world, on July 22, 1962 in aC-119 Packet aircraft.
WR: Fastest Fighter Aircraft In Service
The mig-25 is a twin -tailed air superiority and high altitude reconnaissance aircraft powered with two Tumansky turbojects delivering a maximum of 27,170 pounds thrust. It can fl a maximum speed of 1,900 mph (3,000 kmph) and reach altitude of 80,000 ft. It has an initial climb rate of 41,000 ft/min.
WR: Heaviest Helicopter
The MI-26 is a cross between a heavy transport aircraft and a versatile helicopter The twin-engine MI-26 with a payload of 20 tonnes carries 82 fully-equipped, combat-ready troops.
WR: First Medical Symposium
Sage Bharadwaja, founder of the Indian system of medicine Ayurveda, presided over the symposium om medicinal plants in relation to diseases in 7 b.c. in the Himalayan region.
WR: Most Intense Leprosy Campaign
BBC World Service Trust, the NGO arm of the BBC, launched a one million pound, week-long ad campaign on Jan. 30, 2000. Doordarshan and AIR aired 65 TV and radio advertising sports to spread the message that the disease was curable and treatment free.
WR: Earliest List Of Geometry Rules
The four Sulvasutras-Baudhayana, Apastamba, Katyayana and manavadated c 6 b.c., describe the geomatric alter constructions and give some Pythagorean triangles. The Baudhayana indicates knowledge of the Theorem of Pythagoras.
WR: Use Of  Sines  and Cosines in Place of Chords
In a major contribution to trigonometry, Indian mathematicians changed the use of chords to sines and coines, making the system more convenient and the various theorems on triangles much neater.
WR: Earliest Magic Squares
The earliest magic squares (4x4) are found in Kaksaputta, a text written by chemist and philosopher Nagarjuna in 1A.D. They were called 'Nagarjuna' in his honour.
WR: Brahmagupta-Bhaskara Equation
Brahmagupta(598-660) had nearly solved the in terminate equation known as the Pell equation. Bhaskara had improved upon the solution long before the Western mathematicians solved it.
WR: First Use of  Zero
Brahmagupta (598-660) was the first mathematician to threat zero as a number and show its mathematical operations. Bhaskaracharya (1114) was the first to understand mathematical implications by stating 'any non-zero value divided by zero is infinite'. 
WR: Earliest Decimal System
Medhatithi (2C) first propounded the concept of counting numbers in powers of ten and was able to state very high numerals in a systematic manner
WR: Earliest Math Series 
Arithmetic and geometric series occur in Vedic literature as early as 2000 B.C. They are mentioned in Taittriya-samhita and Panchavimsa Brahmana.
WR: First Use of Gregory Series
Nilkantha of Kunda, Kerala first used the Tantra-sangraha in 1502, an equation employed to give approximate values of pi(22/7). It is now known as the Gregory series after James Gregory (1638-75)
WR: First Astonomers
 Aryabhatta (476-1743) was the first astronomer to state that the earth is round and it rotates on its own axis, travelling around the sun, causing day and night.
WR: Highest Observatory
The Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO), Hanle at Diagaparatsa Ri atop Mt Saraswati in Ladakh with a two meter optical-infrared telescope designed for remote operation is built at a height of 4,470 m above sea level.Set up by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIAP)
WR: Largest Meter-Wave Radio Telescope
The Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT), an indigenous project at Khodad, nere Pune, Maharashtra started functioning on Nov.30, 1999. Built by the National Center for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA). 
WR: First Weather-Cum-Communications
INSAT-IA was the world's first weather-cum-communication satellite. It was launched by an American Delta rocket on April 10, 1982.
WR: Earliest Atomic Theory
Kanada who lived around 6th century b.c. composed the Vaiseshika Sutra in which he explored the relationship between cause and effect for the first time.
WR: Largest Solar Cooker
Shirin and Deepak Gadhia devised a giant solar cooker which can cater to 10,000 people at a time.The cooker has 84 solar dishes and a surface of 840 sq m.
WR: First Seismological Zones
Varahamihira, a sixth century astronomer and scientist, was the first to mention seismological zones and the most earthquake prone regions in his treatise Brihatsamhita
WR: Earliest Zinc Artifact
An artifact (No.4189) containing 6.04% zinc was found at the Harappan site at Lothal (2200-1500 B.C.), in Gujrat
WR:First Underwater Mining system
Nationl Institute of Ocean Technology, Chenai,in collaboration with the University of Siegen, Germany, devised an underwater mining vehicle called the Crawler,which extracts mineral rich poly-metallic nodules from the ocean floor.
WR: First Bamboo Tissue Culture
A.F.Mascarenhas, R.S. Nadgauda and V.A. Parashami of the National Chemical Lboratory, Pune successfully produced tissue culture of bamboo in their laboratory in 1990
WR: Discovery of Seminal Plasmin
Pushpa M. Bhargava and E.S.R. Reddy of the Regional Research laboratory, Hyderabad discovered the protein seminal plasmin in the seminal fluid of the bull in 1979.
WR: First Clone of Hepatitis-E Virus
Professor of  Pathology, Dr S.K. Panda and a team of scientists at AIIMS, New Delhi developed the genetically engineered clone of Hepatitis-E virus in 1996.
WR: Highest Blood Collection In a Camp
Lok Samarpan Raktadan Kendra of Surat conducted a blood donation camp on April 4, 1999in which 8, 008 units of blood were collected from 8,000 donors.
WR: Most Eye Operations
Dr Murugappa Chennaveerappa Modi affectionately called Kannu Kotta Anna,'brother who gives sight' has performed more than 5,95,019 eye operations and examined 10,094,632 patients since 1943.
WR: First Early Detection Cardiac Center
A Novel combination of twin machines, the ultra fast spiral CT with smart score and the Cardiac MRI to increase sensitivity and specificity of packing up early coronary artery disease was inaugurated on May 15, 2000 at the Escort's Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi.
WR: Largest Crater
The Lonar meteorite crater in the Vidarbha region of  Maharashtra measures 1,800 m across. It is 170 m deep, with the rim rising to 20 m 65.6 ft above the surrounding area.
WR: Largest Delta
The combined Ganga and Brahmaputra delta basin in West Bengal and Bangladesh covers 75,000 sq km (30,000 sq m.)
WR: Maximum Trees Planted
To commemorate the World Environment Day on june 5, 1998, Sahara India Housing Ltd, planted  1,25,256salins of 63 different species in 6 hr 35 min at their project site at Amby Valley near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The entire exercise was completed between 9a.m and 3.35 p.m.
WR: Largest  Teak Tree
In 1951, a 680-year-old teak tree with a grith of 7.6 m (25 ft) was felled in kakankote  forest of  Mysore. The lowest branches were 20 m (66 ft) above ground and it yielded 659 cu ft of timber.
WR: Largest Tree Canopy
A Banyan tree discovered in 1988 by photographers Regret Iyer and K.S. Ramakrishana of Bangalore in the Thimmamma Marrimanu village in the Anantpur district of Andra Pradesh has a canopy that covers an area of 2.1 hectares and over 1,100-odd prop roots
WR: Largest Fruit
Fruits of the Jackfruit tree Artocarpus integrifolia weigh on an average 10 kg.
WR: Smallest Blooms
Pilea microphylla, an artillery plant has blooms whose diameter is only 1/72 of an inch.
WR: Largest Rhododendron
The scarlet rhododendron arboreum found on Mount Japfu of nagaland reaches heights of over 20 m 65 ft.
WR: Langur Qoadruplet Birth
Normally monkeys give birth to one or at the outside, two offspring. However in march 2000 a Hanuman Langur in Jodhpur gave birth to quadruplets, something that has never happened before.
WR: Largest Monkey
The Pig-tailed Macaque Macaca nemestrina of the Nagma Hills has a dog-like muzzle and in Malaysia, it is trained to climb palms and throw down coconuts.
WR: Longest Quills
The quills of the Indian porcupine Hysterix indica are over 35 cm in length.
WR: Most Tiger Death
July 4, 2000. Nandan Kumar near Bhubaneswar, Orissa, one of  India's premier zoological institutions and home to the world's largest population of white tigers woke to find ten tigers seven white and three Royal Bengal -grievously ill or dead.
WR: Skinned Alive
Thirteen-month -old Royal Bengal tigress Sakhi had been dragged out of her brother who was traumatised by what he saw. It was obviously an inside job as the heavily secured cages had been easily broken into.
WR: Smallest Snake Lizard
The glass snake Ophisaurus gracilis of  N.E. India reaches a length of 37 cm.
WR: Turtle Fossils
Dr Hugh Falconer discovered 2 m long fossils of the chelonian Collossochelys atlas (c. 7-12 million years) in the Shivalik Hills in 1837. In 1923, Dr Barnum Browm, curator of the Fossil Reptiles at the American Museun of Natural History .New York discovered the first complete skull in the same locality that measured 2.23 m long over the curve and 1.52 m wide.
WR: Largest Turtle Rookery
Gahirmatha  beach in Orissa is one of the largest rookies that witnesses an arribaba (Spanish for 'The Coming) of an estimated 1,30,000 Olive Ridley turtles to mate and nest.
WR: Largest Carp
Of the 2500 species in the order Cypriniformes, the Himalayan Msahaseer Tor tor, which grows to a length of six feet, is the largest.
WR: Largest Land Crab
The Coconut Robber Crab Birgus latro found on South Sentinel Island is a hermit crab measuring 45 cm in length and weighing 2 to 7 kg.
WR: Largest Mantis Shrimp
Mud Shrimps Thalassinoidea can move large quantities of mud to form mounds about 2 m high and over 20 m wide in or near mangrove forests.
WR: First Flight
Megapodes, of which one species is found in India, can fly within hours of hatching from the egg!
WR: Only Arboreal Pheasant nests
Tragopans, of which four species are found in the Himalayas and N.E. India, are the only pheasants that nest in trees.
WR: Largest/smallest Grebes
The Great crested Grebe podiceps cristatus of N. India measures 50 cm. It is also found in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The Dabchick or Little Grebe podiceps ruficollis measures 23 cm.
WR: Largest Passerine
The Raven Corvus corax that measures about 70 cm is the largest passerine or songbird in the world.
WR: Smallest Passerine
The Goldcrest Regulus, which occurs in the Himalayas and Europe, measures 3 inches and weighs 0.2 ounces or 5.7 gm.
WR: Tallest Crane
There are about 15 species of crane in the world and of these six are found in India. The Sarus Crane Grus antigone is the tallest at 1.52 m (4.99 ft)
WR: Longest Constitution
The Constitution of India contains 395 articles in 22 Parts. There are 12 Schedules of which the ninth was added by the First Amendment in 1951 and the 11th and 12th by the 73rd and 74th Amendments in 1992
WR: Largest Elections
Conducting General Elections to the Lok Sabha involves over 61-crore electorate voting in about 8,50,000 polling stations spread across varying geographic and climatic zones. The paper used only for the printing of ballot papers in 1999 general elections exceeded 7,700 metric tonnes.
WR: Largest Constituency
outer Delhi palimentary constituency (PC) had 31,01,838 registered votes during the 1999 Lok Sabha elections, followed by 10-Thane of Maharashtra with 27,71,746 voters. By area: Jammu & kashmir and Ladhak, with an area of 96,707 sq km but just 1.3 lakh voters.
WR: Party With Most Votes
Assassination of Indra Gandhi, Congress (I) secured a record 11,52,21,078 votes (78.5% of the total votes polled) and won 412 out of parliamentary seats in the Dec. 1984 elections.
WR: First Elected Communist Government
E.M.S. Namboodiripad headed the first Communist government that came to power through the ballot box in kerala on April 5, 1957.
WR: Most Times In The Assembly
Choudhury Prem Singh of Delhi Legislative Assembly has represented Dr Ambedkar Nagar constituency for 42 years, winning the seat on the Congress party ticket.
WR: Mass Death Sentences
In a landmark trial Special Judge V. Navaneetham, hearing the Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case sentenced all 26 accused (including 16 Sri Lankans ) to death on Jan.28, 1998 at the end of the six-and-a -half year-long investigation and judicial process carried out by the Special Investing Team.
WR: Women's Paramilitary Battalion
A paramilitary force comprising entirely of women was set up by the Central Reseve Police Force (CRPF). The 88th Battalion of the CRPF, known as the Mahila Battalion was commissioned on March 30, 1986.
WR: Largest Metro Police
Delhi Police with three ranges, in districts, 123 stations and 57,497-strong force is larger than that of Londan, Paris, New Your or Tokyo.

WR: Largest Importer of Gold                                  

India imported gold worth $ 6.7 bin in 1998-99, making gold the second highest value commodity after fuel.
WR: Largest Public Distribution System Network
India has 4,20,000 ration shops under its public distribution system (PDS). Uttar Pradesh with 80,000 outlets tops the list.
WR: First Cotton Mill
Bombay Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd, Mumbai was set up by Cowasjee nanabhoy davar in 1851 and regular operations commenced in 1851 and regular operations commenced in 1854. Equipped with 5,000 spindles, The company was so sucessful that a dividend of Rs1,000 was paid on each share of Rs.5,000.
WR: First Jute Mill
George Auckland established Wellington Jute Mill in Rishra in West Bengal in 1855 as Rishra Twine and Yarn Mills Ltd. The mill had an output of 8 tonnes a day.
WR: First Tea Company
The first company to commercialise tea was the Alubari Tea Company in 1856
WR: Worst Industrial Disaster
The Bhopal gas tragedy on the night of Dec.2-3, 1984 in which MIC gas leaked from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal spread over the city, killed more than 4,000 people and seriously affected many more thousands.
WR: Largest Order For V-Sat
Hughes Escorts received the world's largest order for 50,000 V-sates from skumars.com, a deal close to Rs 400 crore.
WR: Largest processor of diamonds
India is the world's largest processor as well as the world's largest exporter of finished diamonds.
WR: Oldest Recorded Language
Sanskrit, the Indo-Aryan language is perhaps the oldest recorded language of the world, Rig Veda being the first Sanskrit prevalent during 2000-500 B.C.-1000 A.D. and later into modern Sanskrit.
WR: Oldest Living Language
Tamil represents certain literary types not found in Sanskrit or other Aryan languages and traces its history to Tolkappiyam, the earliest extant manuscript of Tamil grammer, dated 500 B.C.
WR: Most Languages/Dialects
Of the 7,000 languages and dialects spoken in the world, 845 are Indian
WR: Longest Epic
The Maharahtra, composed by Veda Vyasa around 1000 B.C chronicles the battle between the children of two brothers, pandu and Dhritarashtra, in more than 1,00,000 slokas.
WR: Longest English Novel
Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy (1993) exceeds 5,00,000 words and comprises 1,349 pages and is said to be the century's longest novel in english.
WR: Most Prolific Nonfiction Writer
The late Osho Rajneesh is credited with over 650 books translated into 32 languages making a total of 1, 150 published titles.
WR: Highest Prize Money
The Onassis Award of $ 250,000 for Manjula Padmanabhan's Harvest in 1997 is the highest prize money awarded to any work of fiction-travel, short story, play or poem. Manjula's play was selcted out of1,460 entries from 76 countries.
WR: Longest Flute
Dinesh Shadilya of Agra, U.P. has made and plays a flute, over 5 ft long and 3.5 inches in diameter. He also plays the smallest flute which is 4.5 inches long
WR: Longest Innings as Conducter
Western music maestro Zubin Mehta spent over 13 years with the New York.The 1990-91 season was his last with the 150- members orchestra.
WR: Most Attended Concert
The free open -air classical music concert conducted by Zubin Mehta at the Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City,U.S.A. on July 5, 1986 had an estimated audience of about 80,000 people.
WR: Longest Harmonium Recital
Shrushtee Thakkar, a ten-year-old schoolgirl from Baroda, Gujarat played the harmonium non-stop for 14 hours. The performance took place in Mumbai on Dec. 30,1999.
WR: Most Spectacular Raas Garba   
Jamnagar Municiple Corporation organised the largest Raas Garba called Lakhota Raas Garba called Lakhota Raas Garba Mahotsav on Sept. 27, 2000 in the sylvan srroundings of Lakhota lake.
WR: Thickest Make-up
'Chutti', used in Kathakali, is a three dimensional mask-like attachment made up of rice paste and paper that often extends up to 15 cm (6 in) from the face.
WR: Shortest Play
S.L.N. Swamy's Kannada play Anu was performed at Banglore on Augest 15, 1999 in 24:13 seconds. A chorus of 22 artistes came on stage at 11.45 a.m. and finished 25 seconds later!
WR: Longest Running Mono-play
Aurangabad-based writer-director-actor, Dr Laxman Deshpande with his one act Marathi Satire Varhad Nighalaya Londonla. His first performance of the play was in 1979 at Mumbai and since then there have been 1960 performances. Dr Deshpande plays 52 characters in the three-hour play and brings to life three generations and two countries without any background music or props.
WR: Most Visually Challanged In a Play
Journalist-turned-director Swagat Thorat and the 88 students from the Pune School for the Blind staged a one-act play, Swatantryachi Yashogatha, on August 2, 1997 at Pune. The play portrayed the nation's struggle for Independence. Swagat Thrat again directed 44 visually impaired adults to act P.L. Deshpade's Teen Paisyacha Tamasha, an adaption of Bertolt Bercht's Three-Penny Opera.
WR: Longest Silk Scroll Painting
Sanat Chatterjee of Lucknow has done a 100ft x 11ft silk scroll painting, titled.
WR: Heaviest Metal Statue
The statue of Adinath Bhagwan at Amarkantak in school, Madhya Pradesh weighs 24 tonnes. Made of an alloy of eight metals, the statue is 9 ft wide, 10 ft high and 6 ft 3 in thick.
WR: Heaviest Single-Stone Shikhara
The 80-tonne single piece granite shikhara atop the Brihadeshwara temple at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu is a marvel of engineering technique.It is the first temple in the world built with granite.
WR: Only freestanding rock-cut structures
The temples and statues on the sand shore at Mamallapuram are carved directly from freestanding masses of granite rocks.
WR: The Millennium Scenario
India produces the highest number of feature films per year from eight centres in a record 30 languages and dialects. In 87 year between 1912 and 1999,India produced 31, 264 feature films, both silent and talkies, of which Hindi films comprise 8,566. The 764 films produced in 1999.
WR: Most Prolific Hero
Prem Nazir played lead roles in over 600 films, starting with the Malayalam film Marumakal at the age of 22. Nazir has acted in all four south Indian regional films and was honoured with a Padma Bhushan.
WR: Hero No. 1
A recored 39 films with South Indian star Prem Nazir as hero were released in a single year-1979. Fourteen films starring Mithun Chakraborty were released in 1999 while 20 other films in different stages of completion.
WR: Most Appearances In International Films
Saeed Jaffrey made his debut in 1977 in the Indian film Shatranj Ke Khiladi, and has since acted in 100 Hindi films and one Punjabi film. In 1998 he opted to act in international cinema and british television and has appeared in 18 internationl films, including A Passage to India and Gandhi (both UK 1982) He also features in UK's longest-running soap opera, Coronation Street.
WR: Most Films With Shaven Head
Actor Manmouji who has acted in over 250 films with a bald head, also appears in TV serials.
WR: Most Disguises Used
Sulochana(Ruby M Ayers) wore nine different get-ups,dresses, hairstyles for one character in a film called Bambai Ki Billi(Wildcat of Bombay) The silent version was made in 1927 and the talkie in 1936. Both versions starred Sulochana and were made by Imperial Film Co.
WR: Acting With Most Heroines
The late Prem Nazir played the leading role with 85 heronies in his 60-year career and holds the world record for pairing with Sheila in 110 Malayalam films.
WR: Most Roles As Police Inspector
Hindi film actor Jagdish Raj played police inspector in 144 films. He donned the khaki uniform for the first time in CID in 1952
WR: Most Extras In A Film
Sir Richard Attenborough's Gandhi(1982) used 3,00,000 extras for the funeral scenes. The funeral scenes.The sequence shot in a single morning(Jan. 31, 1980) had 11 camera crew shooting 20,000 ft of film.
WR: Film With Most Songs
Madan Theatres' Indra Sabha (1932) with two singer-stars Master Nissar and Kajjan had 71 songs, a record that has never since been surpassed.
WR: Highest Paid Screenwriter
Director and screenwriter Manoj Night Shyamalan signed a $ 10 million deal in  2000 with Disney to write and direct Unbreakable his second film after The Sixth Sence. The $ 5 million for the script is the highest paid for an unsolicited non-commissioned screenplay.
WR: Most Songs Recorded In A Day
Playback singer Kumar Sanu recorded 28 songs in a single day in 1993 at the Musicians Studio at Mumbai for Sterling Records and Cassettes.
WR: First One-Actor, One-Set Film
Sunil Dutt made Yaadein in 1964 with just himself emoting on only one set. Yaadein is the story of a man deserted by his wife.
WR: First Film Premier In Prison
Jaspal Bhatt's Punjabi satire Mahaul Theek Hai(The Atmostphere is Right) premired at Delhi's Tihar Jail No. 3 in Feb. 1999. As it was about police, terrorists and corruption.
WR: Fastest Feature Film
Nine weddings, a heart-attack, kidnapping, a song and dance sequence involving 14 heroes, 12 heroines, a villain, supporting artistes and a cast and crew of 3,026 were all crammed into a 24-hour schedule to make Swayamvaram the fastest full-length feature film ever made.
WR: First Interactive Film
A Web interactive film kaiko Kare Pyar has been introduced by Uth Studios (www.uthplanet.com), a portal on the Internet.
WR: Worst Fatalities (on sets)
The fire on the sets of the 1989 shooting of The Sword of Tipu Sultan had 40 human casualties An unspecified number of horses were burnt alive
WR: Most World Titles
Michael Ferreira won the title four times-at Melbourne (1977),Auckland (1978 world professional championship), New Delhi (1981), Malta (1983).
WR: Youngest World Title
Geet Sethi (b. April 17, 1961) was 24 when he won the title in Delhi in 1985.
WR: Highest Break In World Championship
Geet Sethi had a break of 1,276 spread over two sessions in 80 minutes against Bob Close of England in their quarterfinal of the world professional championship at Mumbai of Oct. 1, 1992.
WR: Highest Break Under 3 Pot Rule
Michael Ferrira's scored 630 against S.B. Agrawal in the world championship in Delhi in 1981.
WR: Highest Break Under 5 Pot Rule
Of the 1,149 by Michael Ferreira against S.B. Agrawal on Dec. 15,1987 at the 47th national at Calcutta, Ferreira had two breaks of over 900, one more of over 600 and a record four -hour aggregate of  3,317 for the match. He had 10 centuries in one session during the same match.
WR: Fastest Game
Thirteen-year-old Dolan Champa Basu defeated Heike Vogel of Germany in 12 moves in th eight round of the world girls U-16 championship at Singapore on June 13, 1990.
WR: Youngest Champion
Tanya Sachdeva won Commonwealth Chess title (girls U-8) at Dundee in 1993 when she was 14 days short of her seventh birthday. In 1994, shebagged five British titles and was the first to win the title outright in the mixed junior event. She played 27 games in all, won 20, drew two and lost five.
WR: Richest Cricketer
In 1995, Sachine Tendulkar signed a $ 7.5 million (Rs 26.5 crore) deal for five years with World Tel which holds television rights for World Cup Cricket. 
WR: Partnership Stand of Over 200/300
The first triple century partnership was a first wicket stand by Lt C. Mackenzie and Lt Taylor for 321 runs. A tenth-wicket stand of 215 runs by J. Henderson (128*) and H.R. fagun (113*) for Calcutta vs united Services at Calcutta in 1886-87 is a record that remains unbroken even today.
WR:Highest Cricket Pitch
The Cricket pitch at Chail, 45 km from Shimla is at an altitude of 2,250 m (7,380 ft)
WR:Youngest Captain
Mansure Ali Khan, Nawab of  Pataudi(Jr) was 21 years and 77 days when he led India against the West Indies at Bridgetown on March 23,1962.
WR: Most Runs In A Day
In the Test between England and India at Manchester on July 27, 1936, England scored 398 and India 190 to record an aggregate of 588 for the loss of only six wickets at a rate of over 90 runs per hour in six-and-a-half hours.
WR: 500 Runs Without Century
The highst total in which everyone scored double figures but none scored a century is 524 for nine declared by India against New Zealand at Kanpur in Nov. 1976.
WR: Most Batsmen Caught
Thirty-three batsmen were out caught in the Australia vs. India match at Perth in 1991-92
WR: Century On Consecutive days
Vijay Hazare scored 108 of his first innings score of 116 on Jan. 26, 1948 and then hit 102 of his second innings knock of 145 on Jan. 27 against Australia at Adelaide.
WR: Most Centuries 
Sunil Gavaskar scored 34 centuries- 13 against West Indian in 27 Tests, eight against Pakistan in 24 Tests,four against England in 38 Tests, two each against New Zealand in nine Tests and Sri Lanka in seven Tests.
WR: Youngest To Score 6,000+ Runs
Sachin Tendulkar scored 1,000 runs at the age of 19 years and 217 days against South Africa at Johannesburg on Nov.27,1992. At 20 years and 331 days he completed 2,000 run playing against New Zealand at Hamilton in 1993-94. At 23 years he compleated 3,000 runs.At 26 years 212 days he completed 6,000 runs against South Africa at Banglore in 1999-00
WR: Duck And A Century On Debut
Gundappa Rao Viswanath scored a duck and 137 against Australia at Kanpur in 1967-70. He holds this record with A. Hudson of South Africa who scored 163 and 0 against West Indies at Bridgetown in 1991-92 and Mohd.
WR: Top Score In Both Innings
Sunil Gavaskar had highest totals in both innings in five Tests:124 and220. Trinidad in 1970-71; 101 and 58  against England in 1971;38 and 71 against England in 1976-77; 39 and 24 against England in Chennai in 1976-77; and 111 and 137 against Pakistan at Karachi in 1978-79.
WR: Highest Opening Partnership
Vinoo  Mankand and Pankaj Roy put on 413 runs against New Zealand at Chennai in 1955-56
WR: Highest Century Partnership
HE Partnered Chetan Chauhan on 11 occasions and Dilip Vengsarkar eight times. His highest stand was with Dilip Vengasrkar when he hit an unbeaten 344 against West Indies at Calcutta in 1978-79
WR: Slowest Batting
Rajesh Chauhan took 132 minutes to score nine runs against Sri Lanka at Ahmedabad in 1993-94 and beat the record of T.W. Jarvis of New Zealand who made nine rns in 125 minutes against India at Chennai in 1964-65.
WR: Most Sixes In An Over
Kapil Dev hit Eddie Hemmings for six off the last four balls of his 20th over at Lord's on July30, 1990-the first instance of a batsman hitting four successive balls for six. He equalled the record of most runs in a six-ball over.
WR: Highest Total Before A Duck
Rahul Dravid notched up 1,805 runs before scoring a duck at the second Test against New Zealand at Welling on Dec. 26, 1998.
WR: Century with a six, thrice
Sachine Tendulkar scored a six to complete his century in the second Test against New Zealand in Dec. 19998 to equal A. De Silva's record of reaching a century thrice with a sixer.
WR: More Wickets Than Runs
B.S. Chandrasekhar took 242 wickets at an average of 29.74 but scored only 167 runs in 58 Tests, an average of just 14.07.
WR: Longest Career
C.K. Nayudu has the longest career in First Class Cricket followed by W.G. grace of England 1865-1908 with 44 years.
WR: Centuries In First Three Matches
M. Azharuddin scored 110 on debut in the third Test at Calcutta; 48 and 105 at Chennai and 122 and54 not out at Kanpur in the 1984-85 series against England
WR: Most Wickets
Kapil Dev took 434 wickets conceding 12,867 runs off 27,740 balls in 131 TESts at an average of 29.64 runs per wicket with 23 five-wicket innings and two 10-wicket matches.
WR: Youngest To Get 100 Wickets & 1,000 Runs
Kapil Dev took his 100th wicket when he was 21 years and 25 days. Two days later he scored 1,000 runs-both in the same Test at Calcutta against Pakistan in the 1979-80 series.
WR: Over 5,000 runs & 400 Wickets
Kapil Dev scored 5,248 runs and claimed 438 wickets in his Career. After taking his 400th wickets in his career, trapping mark Taylor of Australia leg before at Perth on Feb.3,1992, he reached 5,000 runs against England at Chennai in 1992-1993.
WR: Most Dismissals (match)
Nayan Mongia caught eight against South Africa at Durban in 196-97. Mongia aslso caught eight against Pakistan at Calcutta in 1996-97
WR: Innings Without Extra
N.S. Tamhane did not concede a single extra in Pakistan's total os 238 at Lahore in 1954-55
WR: Most Catches (innings)
Yajurvindra Singh, M. Azharuddin, and K. Srikkanth took five each in an innings- Yajuvindra against England at Banglore in 1976-77; Azhar against Pakistan at Karachi in 1989-90 and Srikant against Australia at Peth in 1991-92.
WR: Most Runs At A Single Cup
Sachin Tendulkar scored a total of 532 runs in seven matches at an average of 87.16 in the seventh World Cup in 1999.
WR: Most Boundries
Sourav Ganguly scored 17 fours and seven sixes against Sri Lanka in 1999 at Taunton.
WR: Hat Trick
Chetan Sharma took a hat trick in the 1987 Reliance World Cup match against New Zeland on Oct. 31, 1987 at Nagpur.
WR: Most 50s
Mohd. Azharuddin Scored 58 fifties in one-dyers.
WR: 1,000 Runs In A Calendar year
Sachin Tendulkar made 1,089 runs in 25 matches in 1994; 1,611 runs in 32 matches in 1996; 1,011 runs in 39 matches in 1997. In 1998, Sachin scored 1,894 runs in 34 matches.
WR: Highest Aggregate In One-Day Internationals.
Sachin Tendulkar scored 9612 runs comprising 26 centuries and 49 half centuries in 258 matches at an average of 41.97.
WR: Biggest Defeat
India were beaten by Sri Lanka by 245 runs at Sharjah on Oct 29,2000. Sri lanka 299-5 (50 overs), India 54 (26.5 overs).
WR: Most MOM Awards
Sourav Ganguly won the Man of the Match award successively four times during the Sahara Cup against Pakistan at Toronto in Sept. 1997.
WR: Most Appearances
Mohammed Azharuddin played in 334 one-day matches for India. He Captained India in 174 matches, won 90, lost 76, abandoned six and tied two
WR: Most Catches
M. Azharuddin took 156 catches in 334 matches.
WR: Centuries in FC and Test debuts
G.R.Viswanath scored 230 for Mysore against Andhra in 1967-68 and then 137 for India against Australia at Kanpur in 1969-70.
WR: Longest Innings
Rajeev Nayyar scored 271 for Himachal pradesh against Jammu Kashmir at Chamba in 199-00 in hr and 55 min.
WR: Highest Match Aggergate
An aggregate of 2,376 runs for 38 wickets was scored in the match between Maharashtra (407 and 604) and Bombay (651 and 714 for eight decl.) at Pune in 1948-49.
WR: Highest Score On Debut
Vijay Hazare of Mumbai scored 260 runs against haryana at Faridabad in 1993-94
WR: Most Overs (Innings)
Arshad Ayub of Hyderabad bowled 98 overs against M.P. at Secunderabad in 1991-92.
WR: Fastest Double Century
Ravi Shastri made 200 not out in 113 minutes for Bombay against Baroda at Mumbai in 1984-85.
WR: Triple Centuries In One Innings
W.V. Raman (313 runs) and Arjan K. Singh (302 not out) scored triple centuries in the same innings for Tamil Nadu against Goa in Jan. 1989.
WR: One Batsman's Innings
M.V. Sridhar 's 366 runs is the third highest individual score (after Nnimbalkar's 433 and S. Manjrekar's 377 runs ) for hyderabad against Andra Pradesh in 1993-94.
WR: Youngest To Score A Century
Dhruv Pandove scored 137 runs in 292 minutes off 257 balls with 14 fours against J&K at Srinagar in the Ranji Trophy match when he was 14 years,294 days on Oct.28, 1988.
WR: Highest Golf Course
The nine-hole Gyamchona golf course located in the lap of  Kanchenjunga is at a height of 4,968 m (16,295 ft) Peter Thompson redesigned the 2,682 m (8,796 ft) high, 18-hole course at Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir
WR:26 Under Par
Chiranjeev Milkha singh scored 26 under par in the philip Morris at Seoul, South Korea he won the four -round tournament equaling the world record of John Cooke (US PGA tour, August 1996).
WR: Most Wins
With the 2000 Sydney Olympics, India has won 74 matches, the most by any country.
WR: Biggest Victory Margin
India created history by beating USA 24-1 on August 11, 1932 at Los Angeles. The nxt highest victory marginwas in 1980 when India beat Tanzania 18-0.
WR: First World Champion
Sumita Laha set a world record in squant in the 75 kg category in 1989. She improved her own record with a squat of 225 kg  in the 1990 national championship.
WR: Centre-Fire-Gold
Jaspal Rana clinched a gold in the men's centre-fire pistol event in the national Games held at Manipur in 1999.  
WR: Perfect Score
Abhinav Bindra, a class IX student of Chandigarh shot a perfect score 600/600 in the air rifle (ISU) category at the Chandigarh State shooting Championship at Patilal Rao range eclipsing the previous mark 597/600 set by Austria's Wolfram Wibel.
WR: Swiming All The Channels!
Rupali Rupale, 17, of Mumbai crossed the Robben Island Channel in South Africa, a distance of 19.5 km from Anchor Bay sea point to Robben Island and Blouberg Island in the summer of  2000
WR: Hadicapped Gibraltar Straits Swimmer
Deaf and dumb Taranath Shenoy crossed in 5 hr 45 min on August 4, 1988.
WR: Longest Match
The doubles match between Vijay and Anand Amritraj against Australia's Colin Dibley and John Alexander at Calcutta was spread over two days (May 12-13, 1974) and lasted 4 hr 45 min.
WR: Hall Of  Frame Thrice
Vijay Amritraj is the only player to have won the Hall of Fame Tennis tournaments in USA thrice-in 1976, 1980 and 1984
WR: 100 Kg Jerk
At the 1994 Horoshima Asiad, Kunjurani Devi cleared 100 Kg in the jerk event that bettered the previous world mark of 92.5 kg. Her aggregate clearance was a new national record but only got her a bronze.
WR: Trans-India Paraplane Expedition
Lt Anil Kumar Yadav of Artillery covered 3,000 km from Jaisalamer to Calcutta through 18 cities on his paraplane in 31 days, starting on Sept. 21,1994.
WR: Fastest Skydiving Jumps
Flt Lt (later Sqn Ldr) Sanjay Thapar of the IAF made 46 jumps from a height of 914.63 m (3,000 ft) in a span of three hours (7.30-10.30 a.m.) at an airfield at Saraswa.
WR: Jump with the largest flag
On August 6, 1997, Sqn Ldr Sanjay Thapar para-jumped from an Mi-17 helicopter at 7,000 ft with the national flag measring 2,226 sq ft (60 x 37.1 ft) and weighing 42 kg at the Air Force base, Hilton. The flag was made of special rip-stop nylon aas the rular khadi one would have posed serious problems
WR: First On Mt Everest
Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmud Hillary of new Zealand scaled the 8,853 m (29,038 ft) Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world, on May 29, 1953. Tenzing, nicknamed 'Tiger of the Snows'
WR: Twice on Mt Everest
Santosh Yadav (b. Oct. 10, 1967) is the first and only women to have climed Mt Everest twice at 10.45 a.m. (Nepal ST) on may 10,1993, just in a year's time after she had first climbed the peak on May 12, 1992!
WR: First Himalayan Expedition By The Disabled
June 8, 1992 was a Red Letter Day for 11 visual and hearing impaired people who as part of the world's first expedition to the Himalayas by the disabled people.
WR: Highest Motorcycle Raid
Lt Col. S. Naicker and Manoj Taranvir Singh of Corps of Signals organised  a motorcycle raid starting at Delhi on Oct. 5, 1994 and ending at Khardung-la on Oct.10.
WR: First Circumnavigation By Disabled Sailor
Major Ashok Kumar Singh, a permanent member of the Trishna crew and winner of the National Adventure Award in 1994 was the first disabled sailor in the world to sail around the globe
WR: Shortest Couple
Lal Singh Garcha (36) and his wife Surji Kaur of Janakpuri, Ludhiana are approximately a meter each (3 ft7 in and 3 ft 5 in)
WR: Longest Moustache
kalyan Ramji Saini, 70, f Rajasthan grew a moustache 3.39 m (11.11 ft) long. After an eye operation in 1966 he was asked not to wet his face for two or three weeks. At the end of three his moustache had grown 70cm (2 ft 4 in)!
WR: Longest Hair
Jagdambika Jagatmata a sanyasin or religious mendicant of ujjain, has hair which is 14 ft 4 in long.
WR: Longest Fingernails
Shridhar M. Chillal of Pune, Maharashtra, a photographer by profesion, keeps the long fingernails of his left hand literally under wraps. The combined length of the nails hand comes to 6.15 m (242 in).
WR: Largest Joint Family
The Narasingannavars of Lokur, Karnataka have 170 members living as a single unit Framers by profession, they grow almost everything they need on their 200-acre farm.
WR: Fastest Computing
Shakuntala Dev of Bangalore took only 50 seconds to compute the 23th root of a 201 digit number in 1977 while it took a computer over a minute. On June 18, 1980,
WR: Fastest Typist
Abhishek Jain of Goraya, Punjab is the first and youngest typist in the country to win a gold at the INTERSTENO  World Championship held at Brussels in 1991. In June 1995, he was again declared fastest typist in the world with a speed of 135 wpm.
WR: Fastest Accurate Typing
On August 4, 1988 Rajinder Singh of Theog, H.P. typed at an average speed of  484 strokes a minute (96.8 words) and completed 2,90,392 strokes over a continuous stretch of 10 hours at Shimla. His accuracy  figure stood at 99.97%
WR: Marathon Typing
Dinesh Kumar Pathak typed non-stop for 210 hours at the Hindustan Mitra Mandal  School, Jsmshedpur starting at 12 non on Jan .4, 1999 and ending at 4 p.m. on Jan. 14
WR: Marathon Typing On Pc
Mahesh Kumar (25) of Chandigarh typed non-stop on a PC for 31 hours from 203 printed pages from the Selected on may 7, 1998 at 11:15 a.m.he finished the following day at 6:15 p.m.
WR: Longest Fax
Inder Pal Komal of Delhi sent a 100 m long greeting on fax to Mark Cohen of Gunness Book of Records on Feb. 22, 1993 starting at 19:01.48 sec. It took 2 hr 54 min 47 sec.
WR: Longest Will 
A will drafted by Choudhary Hiranand of New Delhi for his client Guinness Rishi on April 1, 1994 had 489 pages (1,04,567 words).
WR: Shortest Will
Sumit Prakash Rishi wrote a two-word will - Sarve Ma (all to mother)- on August 28, 1995 wiling all his worldly belongings to his mother!
WR: Longest lease
Bimla Rishi of Delhi Signed a lease in the first floor of building for Guinness Rishi's International Record Breakers Hall of Fame for 9,99,99,999 years and 364 days (one less than a billion years) charging only one paisa per year on July 13, 1999. She has already received for one million years in advance.
WR: Longest Letter
Reagan Jones of Kerala took four years to complete a letter addressed to pope John paul II, using more than 10 crore words on the 2.4 km (7,872 ft) long, 61 cm (2 ft) wide paper which weighed over 100 kg.
WR: Fastest Ndddle-Threading
Om Prakash Singh of Allahabad threaded a strand of cotton through a No. 13 needle 20,675 in 2 hours on July 25,1993.
WR: Longest Sari
In 1997, as part of the 50 years of Independence celebrations, Prithvi Silk Creations of Banglore wove a pure crepe silk sari 121 m long and 45 in wide.
WR: Most Knots In A Carpet
A hand-knotted carpet 35.5 x 55.8 cm (14 x 22 in) with 655 knots per sq cm and woven with Chinese silk yarn was made in 22 months (July 1991-May 1993) by Kapoor Rug Corporation of Jaipur
WR: Largest Skybag
Eight people of the bag division of Sane Sportswear at Vadodara made a skybag  13.3 ft long . 4.16 ft wide and 8.75 ft tall in 105 hours at a cost of Rs 85,000
WR: Largest Sky Lantern 
38 ft tall, 22 ft wide lantern using 2000 sheets of 3 x 3 sq inch thermocol and 25 kg nails. The lamp built in 15 days (225 manhours) was lit by ten 250 watt bulbs for a month from Oct. 15, 1998 at Ganesh kala Krida, Pune
WR: Largest Air-Cooler
A giant cooler 18 x 19 x 9 ft was installed at Appu Ghar, the popular amusement park at Delhi in April 2000.
WR: Largest Field Kitchen
A field kitchen was set up for famine relief at Ahmednager, mahashtra in 1973. The government provided 1.2 million famine-struck people with subsistence meals.
WR: Most On A Cycle
Mahesh Prakash Sankhala of Nagpur road a bicycle for 381 in which 21 children on Jan. 26, 1992.
WR: Most In A Maruti Car
Giri Bagri of Chennai who had won the Pack-your-Maruti contest held in 1989 with 35 people beat his own record on Feb. 26, 1995.Forty-two people actually got into the car which was driven for a short distance!
WR: Motorcycle Pyramid
On Oct. 15, 1999, the Shweta Ashwas, their motorcycle display team, made a pyramid of 151 men on 11 Enfield mobikes and traversed 215 m. 
WR: Fastest Motorcycle Pyramid
A 15-members team of the ASC Tornadoes made a human pyramid on three bikes and covered a distance of 1 km on a circular track in 1 min 21.5 sec
WR: Toothbrush Chain
A toothbrush chain of nearly 70,000 used brushesh was made by Ad-agency McCann-Erikson for Oral-B laboratories in Feb. 2000 
WR: Chain From Cigaratte Packets
Dr A. Koteswar Rao of Jind made a 6.1466 km (20,166 ft) long, 2.75 cm wide chain from 60,498 empty cigarette packets of 57 different brands without any glue.
WR: Non-stop Two-Wheeler Driving
On June 3, 1990, three riders, Harprakash Rishi, Amarjeet singh and Navjyot Chaddha road a 100 cc Kinetic Honda non-stop for 1,001 hours in 42 days covering 30,965 km using 621 litres of petroland 21 liters of oil.
WR: Non-Stop Hairdressing
Ramzan ali of Pitampura, Delhi, dressed, styles and cut the hair of 1,200 clients from 4 p.m. on April 23,1999 to 10p.m. on April 27.
WR: Non-Stop Clapping
V.Jayaraman of Tamil Nadu clapped for 58 hr and 9 min at Chennai from 6:35 p.m. on Feb. 12 to 1:40 p.m. on Feb. 15, 1988. The claps being audible from a distance of 109.7 m.
WR: Non-Stop Hand-Shaking
Yougesh Sharma of Gwalior shook hands non-stop with 31,118 people in 8 hours on Jan. 14, 1996 at the Gwalior Trade Fair, breaking his previous record of shaking hands with 28,233 people in 8 hours.
WR: Longest Wall Press
Raj Kumar Chakraborty of Rourkela sat in the static wall press posture for all hr 5 min without any break on April 24,1994
WR: Variety Skipping
Hav. C. Chadrasekar of 18 Engineer Regiment set records in four events of skipping, starting at 7 a.m. on June 19, 2000 at Ferozepur, U.P. where his regiment was stationed.
WR: Standing On One Leg
Amresh Kumar Jha (25) of Rahika, Bihar, stood on one leg for 65 hr 50 min (taking five minute breaks after every hour) in the Countryard of the Rahika Secondary School Officer.
WR: Longest Distance Crawled
In 1985, Jagdish Chandra crawled 1,400 km from Aligarh to Vaishno Devi, Jammu taking 1 year and 3 months to comlete his feat.
WR: Most Burpees
James Joseph of Combatore executed 1,968 burpees (squat thrust with a vertical jump from crouch position) in one hour from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on August 25, 1998 at new Delhi.
WR: Roller Limbo
Sneha Sri (b. August 15,1993) of Vishkhapatnam limbo roller skated under a bar placed 4.5 in above the ground on March 30,1999 at kakinda, A.P. knocking two inches off the previous world record of 4.7 in.
WR: Cocunut Peeling
Josh George of Kozhikode, kerala dehusked a coconut in 25 seconds using only his teeth at the Kozhikode Corpation Stadium on August 22, 1997. Anil Bangera of Mangalore peeled 3 cocunuts with his teeth in 4 min 30 secon July 30, 1999 at Mangolore. E.N. Dayanandan of Puthiyatheru, Kannur, Kerala took 57 seconds to peel a coconut using his fingernails.
WR: Shoes
Asfia Quadri (b. Nov. 25, 1993)of Hyderabad was 31/2 on June 16, 1997 when her father bought her a pair of Bata Ballerina size 9 shoe and white socks size 2 for her first day at school. Since then, he has bought a new pair of shoes and scoks every working day of  school! On July 7, 2000 the collection numbered 588 pair of shoes with scoks.
WR: Vintage Cars
Industrial Pranlal Bhogilal's collectio of 176 cars which includes 136 Rolls Royces and many vintage cars and modles of custom-built cars for Hollywood stars
WR: Largest Painting Contest
The Camlin annul painting started in 1982, about 500 schools took part.In the 1998 contest, In the 1998 contest, the participation from over 4,000 schools exceeded 30 laks! There were over 35,000 prize-winners.
WR: Three Indian Beauties
For the first time in the world, all the three crowns were won by gorgeous Indian girls! Lara Dutta was Miss Universe at Cyprus on May 13, 2000, Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss World on Nov. 30, 2000 and Diya Mirza's Miss Asia Pacific crown won at Manila on Dec.2,2000
WR: Computer Assembly In 90 Min
Ayush Rathi 7, of New Digamber Public School, Indore demonstrated the complete assembling of a computer assembling of a computer with the loading of mandatory software and operated the system at Microline Systems, Indore on June 7, 2000.
WR: Software executives
Ajay Puri (b.sept.12, 1996)started operating computers when he was one-and-a-half  and by the time he was three, he was proficient with Office 2000, Microsoft World, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer
Anshuman Das (b.June 27, 1997) was awarded the Vidya certificate by the Aptech Computer Education for desktop management skills and on may 11,2000 was declared Aptech's youngest computer whizkid amongst learners in 1,500 centres of 30 countries
Akhil Khandelwal (b.March 22, 1996) started working on MS Power Point, MS Word, and the software programmes since he was three. He can create slides subjectswise, brows pictures from Clip Art, animate pictures in slides, scan from Adobe Photoshop, surf and download from the Internet. 
Bhupika Yeshpal Gautam of Ulhasnager, Maharashtra at 5 year 10 months, cleared the Certificate Course in Computer Programming (CCCP) conducted by the Maharashtra State Govt. on June 21, 1999.
Akshat Singhal of Jaipur was Microsoft Certified System's Engineer (MCSE) at 14. At 15, he became the youngest Certified Lotus Specialist and Certified Lotus Professional.
WR: Roller Limbo Under Marutis
Tejaswini Ramachandra Kadam July 1, 1996, limbo skated under 25 Maruti cars (800 cc model) in 29.2 sec at 10.00 a.m. on March 7,2000.The event was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Shiroli, MIDC, kolhapur.
Courtesy : Limca Book Of  Records