Upnishads says, 'Yatr vishvam bhavati eknidam' which means where the world becomes one nest. It seems it was written keeping India in mind. If we say that at one time India is living in differnt centuries it won't be wrong. India encompasses of variety of cultures, traditions, festivals, seasons and food habits . But still there is something that bonds India in one thread. It is the swirling feeling for the country amongst all the citizens which brings 
'Unity in diversity'.

You don't visit India, infact you experience it. Starting from bullock carts to e-mail, you will find anything and everything. And everything has got its own amazing beauty and importance. On one hand you will experience the pollution and chaos of metropolitan city like Mumbai but on the other hand you will experience the tranquility and serenity of Himalayas. In food if rice is the staple food in the south, it is wheat in the north. Idli and kababs, samosa and curry, chole and bhakri and of course the famous tandoori chicken....India's gift to the world's kitchen. Which proves variety is, indeed, the spice of life.

The different shades of India may shock you, stun you, or move you but one thing is for sure that it will touch the bottom of your heart. The diversity which comprises of Ramayana and Mahabharata, celebrating Ganesh festival and Navratri, ancient high profile festivals at Khajuraho and Konark, Peacocks dance in Rajasthan and beautiful snowfall in Shimla, Pushkar and Kumbha mela, Lovely Taj Mahal and mind blowing Ramoji film city of Hyderabad and the journey goes on and on and on..... Infact India is a small world in the world.

We are proud Indians to show all the world the interesting facts about India & Indians........


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