Battle at Dawan
Lt. Col. Chitoor Venugopal

Lt. Col. Chitoor Venugopal led the 5/1 Gorkha Rifles in the Jessore area in the east, during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. The Gorkha Rifles were assigned the task of capturing Darsana and Uthali, both places strongly defended by the enemy with concrete shelters and communication trenches.

The Lt. Col .Planned the attack with consummate skill In the first light dawn on the 4th of December he led the attack. Calm and collected, Lt. Col. Venugopal stood in the open directing the operations unmindful of the dangers to his life. With the Indian tanks and artillery firing simultaneously on enemy bunkers, the Pakistani forces scateered in disarray and the Lt. Col. and his men chased the retreating soldiers and managed to capture yet another position, Jhenida three days later.

For his planning and dauntless courage , Lt. Col. Venugopal was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra.