GSLV Launch
Its Launch places India in the select league of nations with the capability to send space missions


Indology is the study of Indian history, Literature, religious and languages by the west. Warren Hastings made the Brahmin Pandits prepare a condensed text of the Hindu codes and laws based on Ancient scriptures This text originally written in Sanskrit was later translated into English and was published in 1776 as A Code of Gentoo Law by Nathanien Halhed.

After Warren Hastings very many scholars from Europe became fascinated by Hindu Scriptures and they studied Sanskrit and translated many of these scriptures into English. One German Scholar, Gundart , came down to Kerala state and wrote a dictionary for the language Malayalam. 

Germany is one of the countries in the world where Indology is still popular. Philosophers like Max Muller and scientists like Oppenheimer (father of the atom bomb) were fascinates by Hinduism after studying Indology. When the first atom bomb was exploded in the deserts of New Mexico, a jubilant Oppenheimer greeted the news by chanting Sanskrit verses from the Bhagawad Gita.

It may not be wrong to conclude that even Adolf Hiler was influenced by the Tantric part of Hinduism. From where else did he pick up the Swastika and unique hand gesture which resembled the Hindu Abhay Mudra? Anyway , that is something for speculation.

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